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Chest Upright Freezer. White Refrigeration. Refrigerator Costs.

Chest Upright Freezer

chest upright freezer

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Beloved Fridgey!

Beloved Fridgey!

And Freezy! With a secondhand rescue cactus, horse treats, insulation spray stuff, and hardware mesh hand delivered by Kimhotep.
Yes, it is a giant fridge and freezer combo. I adore it, because I can stock up on perishables and not have an icky white chest or upright freezer sitting around. Each side is about the size of a typical fridge, though the whole thing has a more shallow depth so if so desired it can blend in with a typical kitchen counter.



an upright freezer runs 2-3 times a day instead of all day. Bottles of water are frozen at the bottom of the freezer. When the power stays off for a few days, the frozen bottles are moved to the top shelf and perishables are set at the bottom. Milk can last for 4 days this way without power. The chest freezer holds the cold air when the lid is opened.

chest upright freezer

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