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Industrial high pressure pumps - Moog hydraulic pump.

Industrial High Pressure Pumps

industrial high pressure pumps

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2007-03-18-095 London Vintage machinery Kempton Great Engine Triple compound pump

2007-03-18-095 London Vintage machinery Kempton Great Engine Triple compound pump

On starting steam is emitted from the high pressure cylinder. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen, but generally there isn't a lot of evidence of steam for all that this is a steam operated machine!

03Leavitt 0.21-0.30

03Leavitt 0.21-0.30

The Leavitt engine is older than the Allis, and utilizes a mixture of Poppet and traditional slide-type valve gear to regulate the high-, intermediate-, and low-pressure cylinders.

industrial high pressure pumps

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