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Employee legal rights - Texas power of attorney forms.

Employee Legal Rights

employee legal rights

    legal rights
  • Rights that are laid down in law and can be defended and brought before courts of law.

  • Many philosophers and political scientists make a distinction between natural rights and legal rights.

  • Rights of all individuals in a society as outlined in the laws of the State

  • Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee.

  • a worker who is hired to perform a job

  • An individual who provides labor to a company or another person

  • A person employed for wages or salary, esp. at nonexecutive level

MassDOT Employees of Month Honored, May 5, 2010

MassDOT Employees of Month Honored, May 5, 2010

Iris Benitez, above right, MassDOT RMV Chinatown employee, is one of numerous MassDOT employees receiving Employee of the Month Awards at the MassDOT Board meeting in May 2010. Benitez is described as a thorough, prompt and customer-friendly RMV Hearing Officer who serves as a model for other RMV employees.

As part of the effort to help make MassDOT the premier transportation organization in the U.S., MassDOT Secretary & CEO has initiated at the sestion of employees a Monthly Employee Recognition Program.

The program will recognize outstanding performances by MassDOT employees as individuals or groups.
The other first winners of MassDOT Employees of the Month, for May 2010 include:

* James Robida, Highway Division, an exemplary team leader who “thought fast on his feet” while coordinating a major repair of a Culvert on Route 119 in Littleton during the floods of March.

* Anne Marie Thornton, MBTA Human Resources, whose data entry skills helped the MBTA comply with the new Ethics Law by the April 2, 2010 deadline, as she organized some 12,000 documents.

* A group award for 8 Sheet Metal Workers at the MBTA Subway Main Repair Group in Everett, whose design and repair work resulted in a savings of $1,000,000 to the MBTA. The workers: James Dewar, Kenneth Floyd, Gregory Smith, Lee Adams, Jack Jones, Scott Ehlers, Brian Hurton, and Jay Toland.

* A group award for the 10 Highway Division District 5 Maintenance Forces employees, who put public safety and customer service first by working around the clock to resolve highway problems during the March flood. The employees: John Ayer, Richard Ouellette, Mark Desrocher, George Boucher, Raymond Medeiros, Gordon Costa, Keith Medeiros, Timothy Grew, John Shaughnessey, and Andrew Lafferty.

* A Special Group Award to the 50 employees of the MBTA SMI Maintenance of Way Group, whose tremendous teamwork and around-the-clock dedication to make sure that the Green Line’s D train was operable within days, not weeks, following the peak of the March floods.

Congratulations again to all MassDOT Employees of the Month for May 2010!

Legal Methods III Students Present Widener’s Legal Clinic With Informational Brochures on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Legal Methods III Students Present Widener’s Legal Clinic With Informational Brochures on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Legal Methods III Students Present Widener’s Legal Clinic With
Informational Brochures on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

On Friday, February 26, 2011, students from the fall semester’s Writing for General Practice class presented copies of their finished “Know Your Debtor’s Rights” brochures to the Law Clinic staff. Three different brochures, selected by the staff at the Law Clinic, will be used to educate the Clinic’s clients who are seeking help on debtor-creditor issues.

At the request of the Law Clinic, Professor Alexandra Makosky’s Writing for General Practice class researched the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1692c, and translated the law into plain English for the Clinic’s clients. Students met with a graphic designer to learn some professional lay-out tips, but then spent their time focusing on the words so that they could be understood by non-lawyers.

“We see this project as a win-win situation,” said acting clinic director, Monica Cliatt. “The Clinic now has some great informational material to give to our clients who need to know about their rights under the law. The students learned how to write effective and eye-catching material addressing a current, real-world issue plaguing many households. We are thrilled with the end products and are grateful for Widener’s Legal Methods leadership.”

Director of Legal Methods, Anna Hemingway, commended students Aaron Vogt and Edward Wilson for their professional work, and she hopes that additional joint projects can be arranged in the future. “The students loved having the opportunity to solve a real-world matter. They learned that choosing the right words to explain the law is a powerful tool in our profession.”

Aaron Vogt and Ed Wilson both acknowledged that this project taught them practical legal skills and helped them realize the positive impact the legal profession can have in the community.

employee legal rights

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