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Virginia Lawyer Jobs

virginia lawyer jobs

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by Jessica Kane

One of the many things Clarke and Barbara Dunham had no intention of doing was buying their house in Pottersville.
It was a log cabin in the woods that had once been a hotel, built in
the late 1850’s. Charming, but falling apart.
“Definitely ‘as is’-ing,” added Barbara.
After much work, it is now quite magical, with perfect little nooks to
sit and read, surrounded by lush green plants, paintings and
unusual artifacts- all with interesting stories to tell.
Also on the property, is their studio, where Barbara and Clarke along with a team of 5 artists build and design from scratch
massive custom model train layouts- another thing the Dunhams
had no intention of getting involved with.
Up until 1987, Clarke was a very successful Broadway set designer. In
1984 and 1985 he had consecutive Tony nominations, which led to a lot of commercial jobs, one of which was designing and fabricating the Christmas train exhibit at Citicorp Center in New
York City, which features over 30 model trains, that pass through streets modeled after a bygone era in New York, and then travel all the way Upstate to the snowy Adirondacks.
The Exhibit was only supposed to run one season, but when they drew 141,000 visitors, somebody decided maybe they better do this again
Suffice it to say, they finished the 20th season last year.
The Dunhams never imagined that model train layouts would become their main focus, but over the years, that’s exactly what happened. They have now designed custom train layouts all across the country for private clients and
museums, even one in North Creek at the Depot Museum — a historically accurate reproduction of the train line from North River to Riparius. Barbara and Clarke first discovered the Adirondacks in the early 1970’s, when Clarke became the set designer for the Lake George Opera.
“Trains were not even on the distant horizon in our minds,” said
They fell in love with the area and came up to stay 21 years ago when
they built the first of the train layouts.
When they first began working in their Studio in Pottersville, the Dunham’s brought artists up from
New York City to build the train layouts, but they soon discovered there was more than
enough talent up here to fill the shop, so everyone who works there
today, lives here in the Adirondacks.
Clarke and Barbara both grew up in Philadelphia, where the arts were an important part of their upbringing.
“Clarke’s mother was my art teacher,” Barbara said.
Clarke and Barbara were married after Clarke’s first year of college, and they both went on to pursue fine arts degrees.
While Clarke was going to the city, sleeping on friend’s sofas,
beginning his career as a designer, Barbara was beginning a
successful career as a graphic artist, focusing on woodcuts.
They had four kids, who grew up immersed in the theater and the arts,
which provided first-hand experience of what it takes to make one’s
own way in the world.
The Dunhams have now been married over 50 years and their kids are
all grown and successful. Their eldest son is the Washington Bureau
Chief of the Houston Chronicle, their middle son is a lawyer who
recently argued a case at the Supreme Court, their youngest son is
with Reuters in Washington, and their daughter teaches drama and
playwriting at a performing arts high school in Virginia.
As for Clarke and Barbara, their careers don’t seem to be winding
down any time soon.
They’re booked well into 2010 for train layouts, Barbara is busy
looking for a publisher for a book she’s written about a Jewish boy
peddler in the Adirondacks, and just last week, they were in New York
City with the revival of ‘Candide’ at City Opera, which Clarke
They do, however, find time to enjoy the Adirondacks, which they both
love so dearly, whether visiting the Adirondack Museum, taking a dinner
cruise on Raquette Lake, or just going for a walk by the brook.
The Dunham’s may have had no intention of living the life they’re
living, but they certainly appear quite content.

virginia lawyer jobs

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