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Mark Adams Hotel Dallas

mark adams hotel dallas

    mark adams
  • Mark Adams may refer to: * Mark Adams (basketball coach) * Mark Adams (photographer) * Mark Adams (fighter)

  • Mark Adams is an English professional mixed martial artist who competes in the featherweight division. A professional MMA competitor since 2008, Adams has mostly fought in England, winning the BAMMA Featherweight title.

  • Mark Adams is a college basketball analyst on the ESPN family of networks.

  • A city in northeastern Texas, noted as a center of the oil industry; pop. 1,188,580. Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated here in November 1963

  • Dallas is a live album by Randy Meisner, released in 2002 (see 2002 in music).

  • a large commercial and industrial city in northeastern Texas located in the heart of the northern Texas oil fields

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Deep Ellum Scene

Deep Ellum Scene

Typical scene in Deep Ellum by daytime, OK, maybe the car isn't exactly typical, but the scene overall is. It's a diverse place, so really nothing is out of place.

This Mercury Monterrey was parked in Club Clearview's parking lot- one of the first clubs in Deep Ellum's modern rennaissance.

Beyond the car is the wall of The Bone, a relateive "new comer" since 1990. This is looking west, with downtown Dallas just visible on the right.

Lots of details are noted here, and go to full size for details. This one is larger than most of my uploads. BTW, the picture is not tilted, the car is. :)

Sheraton Replaces Adams Mark sign

Sheraton Replaces Adams Mark sign

Taken shortly after the new sign was put up Photo by Jerry Higgins

mark adams hotel dallas

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