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Akon dance floor - Laminate floor fitters - Duravit 2nd floor basin.

Akon Dance Floor

akon dance floor

    dance floor
  • Denoting a recording or type of music particularly popular as an accompaniment to dancing

  • Dance Floor (foaled 1989 in New Jersey) is a retired American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was bred by William Purdey at his Greenfields Farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Out of the mare, Dance Troupe, a granddaughter of U.S.

  • "Dance Floor, Part 1" is a 1982 single by the Dayton, Ohio-based, funk group, Zapp. The song spent two weeks at number one on the R&B in mid-1982, but failed to make the Hot 100. . The single was known for the use of a talk box, which became popular in the 1980s.

  • An area of uncarpeted floor, typically in a nightclub or restaurant, reserved for dancing

  • a bare floor polished for dancing

  • Akon (born Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam), , is a Senegalese-American R&B singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, businessman, and philanthropist.

  • when used as a noun this would refer to someone who did something involuntarily, or against his/her will, or under constraint.

YongJunHyung ¦

YongJunHyung ¦

Tr? tag cho N? ham :-< m dc l?m nhe N? :-L

1.N?u ai do nh?n xet r?ng "B?n r?t ?n!" b?n s? noi .
What The Hell – Avril Lavigne
2. B?n s? t? gi?i thi?u nhu th? nao v? b?n than?
Last Friday Night – Katy Perry
3. B?n thich di?u gi ? 1 chang trai/co gai?
The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
4. Hom nay b?n c?m th?y nhu th? nao?
On The Floor – J-Lo
5. M?c dich s?ng c?a b?n?
Price Tag – Jessie J
6. Phuong cham c?a b?n?
Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
7. B?n be nghi gi v? b?n?
That Should Be Me – Justin Bieber
8. B? m? b?n nghi gi v? b?n?
Dance In The Mirror – Bruno Mars
9. D?o nay b?n hay nghi d?n chuy?n gi?
Summer Rain – Matthew Morrison
10. Cau chuy?n cu?c d?i b?n ?
Fiction – B2ST
11. Khi l?n len b?n mu?n lam gi?
Shake – Jesse McCartney
12. B?n nghi gi khi nhin th?y ngu?i b?n thich ?
I’m Into You – J-Lo
13. B?n s? hat bai gi trong dam cu?i?
Dissapear - M4U :))
14. Trong dam ma c?a b?n, ngu?i ta s? hat bai gi?
Whataya Want Me – Adam Lambert
15. S? thich c?a b?n?
I Just Had Sex – The Lonely Island ft Akon (wtf =)) )
16. Bi m?t l?n nh?t c?a b?n?
Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
17. N?i s? l?n nh?t c?a b?n?
Who’s That Chick – Rihanna
18. Di?u b?n mu?n ngay luc nay?
Casualty Of Love – Jessie J
19. B?n nghi gi v? nh?ng ngu?i b?n c?a minh?
Fuckin’ Perfect – P!nk :))
20. N?u b?n nuoi m?t con cho , ten no s? la?
Grenade – Bruno Mars =))
21 . B? phim yeu thich ?
On Rainy Days – B2ST
22 . Hanh d?ng dien nh?t v?a lam ?
Just A Dream - Sam Stui & Christina Grimmie
23. Nh?c cong s? choi bai gi trong tang l? c?a b?n?
Dynamite - Taio Cruz
24. Di?u gi khi?n b?n cu?i?
Like A G6 – Far East Movement & Dev
25. Di?u gi khi?n b?n khoc?
Jar Of Heart – Christina Perri
26. B?n da k?t hon chua?
Invisible – Taylor Swift
27. Di?u gi lam b?n s? nh?t?
Who Says - Selena Gomez
28. Co ai thich b?n khong?
Wish You Were Here – Avril Lavigne
29. N?u du?c quay ngu?c th?i gian, b?n s? thay d?i di?u gi?
Firework – Katy Perry :))
30. Ngay luc nay di?u gi lam b?n t?n thuong?
Till The World Ends – Britney Spears

Minh hi?n nen ko cho ai dinh tag c?, haha :))

Hinh nay la Moon des cho minh y :x d?p l?m dk :x



06/25/2007 - Akon - Chicago's B96 Summer Bash - Toyota Park - Bridgeview, IL, United States - Keywords: Akon - - - Photo Credit: Adam Bielawski / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

akon dance floor

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