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Airport Inn Barrow : Kyoto Tower Hotel

Airport Inn Barrow

airport inn barrow

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King Eider Inn

King Eider Inn

I had only planned a daytrip to Barrow and arrived in the morning with no lage, expecting to take the evening flight back to Fairbanks. Just 10 minutes before that plane was scheduled to arrive in Barrow a very thick fog blew in off the Arctic Ocean and the plane was turned back. How great, I thought, an unexpected opportunity to spend a night above the Arctic Circle.

I walked immediately across the street from the airport to King Eider Inn, named for the Arctic duck. The lobby was bright and modern with a large inviting fireplace. This is a family owned hotel, built in 1998. A sign informed guests to take their shoes off at the front door, which I did.

Unfortunately, no rooms were available, so I had to go to plan "B." That was fine with me; their rooms were too expensive anyway.

Airport Inn, Barrow, Alaska

Airport Inn, Barrow, Alaska

This small, 16 room hotel is the third place I sought refuge when I was stranded in Barrow for the night. The young man at the desk regretfully informed me that they were full. He said that he did not know of any options other than the two hotels that had already turned me away. He did offer to let me spend the night in his lobby if I couldn't find anything else, but frankly the lobby didn't look too comfortable. There was no carpet on the floor and no couch to sleep on. Still I thanks him and kept his offer open, but told him I would first try plan "D."

airport inn barrow

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