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Christmas Tree Table Decoration

christmas tree table decoration

    table decoration
  • Any of many diverse articles placed on a dining table principally as ornament though some may have a secondary function

    christmas tree
  • European silver fir: tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark

  • flame tree: a terrestrial evergreen shrub or small tree of western Australia having brilliant yellow-orange flowers; parasitic on roots of grasses

  • A real or artificial evergreen tree set up and decorated with lights and ornaments as part of Christmas celebrations

  • Christmas bush: Australian tree or shrub with red flowers; often used in Christmas decoration

3D Tree cookies

3D Tree cookies

These are adorable once set up and decorated. for an entire set packaged ready to be mailed $25.00 really cute all set up as a tree village on the table Makes a great centerpiece.

214.736.4993 all of DFW
shipping avail

christmas tree

christmas tree

oops - messy coffee table!! i have a fever, so i was resting on the sofa before i took these photos. :

christmas tree table decoration

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