Airline tickets to africa - Flights from san diego to las vegas.

Airline Tickets To Africa

airline tickets to africa

    airline tickets
  • An airline ticket is a document, created by an airline or a travel agency, to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on a flight on an aircraft. This document is then used to obtain a boarding pass, at the airport.

  • The second largest continent (11.62 million square miles; 30.1 million sq km), a southward projection of the Old World landmass divided roughly in half by the equator and surrounded by sea except where the Isthmus of Suez joins it to Asia

  • the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean

  • (african) of or relating to the nations of Africa or their peoples; "African languages"

  • Africa is the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia. At about 30.2 million km? (11.7 million sq mi) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of the Earth's total surface area and 20.4% of the total land area.Sayre, April Pulley.

Idi Amin at Jebel Arafat Family Photo 1983 Saudi Arabia

Idi Amin at Jebel Arafat Family Photo 1983 Saudi Arabia

Jebel Arafat Fruit Market Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1983

My most spiritual experience took place one eventful day when Dad took us to Makkah on the date when the Governor of Makkah would be doing the annual cleansing of the Holy site.

As we circulated, Tawwaf, the Kabah the inherent keeper of the keys to the Kabah recognised Amonye (dad) and joyfully grabbed his hand leading him towards the Golden Door upwards a flight of stairs. Amonye instinctively told us to stay close to him as we were given the privilege to enter the inner most sanctuary of the Holy Kabah. The keeper of the keys instructed All the Boys to pray two Rakkats at each of the four walls of the Kabah. What struck me was the fact that at every wall and at that particular moment, in time, we were facing millions of Muslims from every point of the globe who were praying towards this very centre of the Muslim Universe! Our Teaching claims that the Kabah is Parallel to a similar Kabah Twaffed by Angels in Heaven and that if one were to head straight up from this point they would actually head up the mythical staircase to heaven. We were then given the privilege to clean the inside of the Kabbah which we did with relish and spiritual faith. After which we went a final stretch of stairs up to the very top of the Kabah where brass rings hold the Woven black Silk Shroud.

The whole family never stopped talking about this event. Whenever I re- tell this story to learned Imams and Sheikhs in Africa, they always tell me how lucky I was to have had this chance to enter the inner Sanctuary of the Holy Kabah. The significance of the Keeper of the Key to the Kabah recognizing Dad was not lost to me. They had last met in 1972 when Dad came for his initial Haj in the company of the Late King Faisal. On that momentous day, as soon as they walked into the sacred sanctuary it started to rain. Shocked Faisal looked across at his VIP visitor and said "You must be a Special Visitor. This last happened centuries ago." Dad only smiled back in his mind, a certain knowledge of his Adibu / Bura Clan's reknowned Rain Making skills... here was Al-Amin being praised for his service to Islam by a descendant of a particular sect appointed by the original Al-Amin (The Prophet Peace Be Upon) following the future prophets just decision in solving a wrangle amongst the Qura ish tribe who were undecided on who was supposed to place the Holy Black stone on the newly reconstructed Kabah.

The wrangle had come to a head and the chiefs had decided that the very next inbound traveller on the caravan trade route would decide what solution to take in the dispute. Fatefully, Al-Amin as Muhammad Peace (Peace Be upon Him) was then called for his trustworthy character was the very next person to arrive from an errand as part of Khadija’s trade caravan. The chiefs were heartened when they saw Al-Amin and requested him to solve the problem. His solution was brilliantly simple. He thought for a moment and then said “bring me a Robe.” He took the robe they brought and spread it on the ground and placed the Black Stone on it and then said , “Let the elders of each clan hold onto one edge of the robe". They all complied and together carried the stone to the site of the construction. There, the Future Prophet of Islam picked up the stone and laid it in its place by himself. Indeed, bloodshed was thus averted and the dispute was solved.

The Quray'sh completed the building of the Kabah raising its walls to a height of the olden measure of 18 cubits and in order to make it more defensible, they raised its entrance through the Golden Door we passed through with Dad above ground level. I do recall a small argument we had as to the number of pillars that hold/support the roof. Originally on that initial roofing by “Pachomius” a Byzantine Trader who was also a builder by trade, they erected two parallel rows of three pillars each to support the ceiling and built that stairway on its north side that led us to the very roof of the Kabbah. There is also variations as to at what age our future Prophet of Islam actually was at the time of the reconstruction of the Kabbah and his Trustworthy (Al-Amin) arbitration between the Qura-ysh clans concerning the Black Stone. While some claim he was 25 years, others claim he was 35 years old.

Another Highly enlightening experience was Amonye's (dad's) annual ritual of breaking fast at the Haram Alsharif in Makkah from the start to the finish of the Holy Month of Ramadhan. We would set off in a long convoy with him in the metallic blue Vogue Range Rover or the white Caprice Classic Chevrolet estate , while we took the rear in either the Burgundy Fleetwood Cadillac or the cream 505 Peugeot estate. We normally set off right after Asir prayers and would arrive just before the magrib prayers and take up vigil until the announcement to break fast which we did with dates and fresh fruit juice. We would then pray in congregation with fellow muslims the magrib p

Prints for Northwest Airline Miles!! Donation Plea!

Prints for Northwest Airline Miles!!  Donation Plea!

I know there are people out there that have piles of frequent flyer miles and don't use them. If you happen to be such a person and would really like to help a new family out, please get in contact with me.

I met this couple in Uganda- they're simply the most amazing people. Rose is due in two weeks and in South Africa. Moses can't raise the funds to meet up with her.

Northwest's program allows for inter-africa flights for only 25,000 miles- the same as a domestic US ticket. I'm afraid I depleted my mile stash on this trip or I'd gladly give them so that he could be there for the birth of his baby.

It's a long shot, but if anyone has extra miles burning a hole in their account and would like to help out, I'd love to hear from you. I'll take care of whatever taxes and fees are associated.

I will also gladly donate prints of anything you see on my site that won't get me in model-release trouble.

Thanks much.

airline tickets to africa

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