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Low cost flights to singapore - Chief flight instructor - Cheap flights from gsp.

Low Cost Flights To Singapore

low cost flights to singapore

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DSC 9035

DSC 9035

Flew on Singapore Airline's giant A380 from Heathrow to Singapore.

My thoughts:

- The cabin, as reported, is quite roomy. There is plenty of headroom, and the main deck has 3-4-3 seating (same as the Boeing 747) (I heard it's 2-4-2 upstairs), with a small gap between the end seats and wall / windows. The cabin is fairly comfortable, however my seatbelt was twisted (as they often are in road vehicles, but never on a plane!), and the seat just didn't fit me; I found it difficult to assume a comfortable position (others don't seem to have this problem :S).

- We ran into a turbulence a few hours into the flight. I saw something unique - the internal walls and bulkheads were moving independently of the outside walls (never seen this before!) I'm not sure how the plane was designed to do this. Maybe Tayo can shed some light on it ;) (I enjoyed the turbulence though, it takes the monotony out of the flight)

- It is a fat and ugly plane, nothing like the graceful 747 (which, by the way, is 40 years old now).

- I'm sure airlines love it, because a large plane has lower operating costs than two small ones for a given capacity. But big isn't always better. The size of the plane means longer queues when entering the gate and boarding the plane. More stewards and stewardesses needed to serve food and drinks. Longer queues for toilets (time your visits strategically to avoid this problem). Shall I go on? I'll take the smaller 777 any time. This is primarily why I'm so interested in the new 787, because it's a smaller but still next-generation design. This is a classic point-to-point vs hub and spoke example, the A380 is designed to fly between large cities (as smaller airports cannot accommodate its size) but the 787 works best for small to medium sized ones. A move towards the point-to-point concept should mean eliminating transits at places like Dubai and Singapore but without enough passenger demand it will not happen any time soon. I can't wait to fly on the 787 when it enters service later this year.

A Low Cost Airline?

A Low Cost Airline?

Once onboard, I occupied a window seat on Row 2. It's free seating on the airline and as I was fast, I got a seat as close to the exit as possible. I took a photo of the other Tiger Airways planes parked on the tarmac and was wondering why they had so many planes that were not utilised. Low cost airlines are supposed to have higher aircraft utilisation compared to other legacy carriers and from the list of flight departures I saw, some of the planes would not be flown at least for the next four hours.

low cost flights to singapore

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