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Air zoom flight premium : Cheap flight tickets to usa.

Air Zoom Flight Premium

air zoom flight premium

air zoom flight premium - Zoom H2

Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder

Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder

The Zoom H2 stands alone in an increasingly crowded field of handheld portable digital recorders. Its 4 onboard microphones are an industry first! With easy to navigate controls and sound quality that rivals units costing much more, the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder is an extremely capable performer capturing music, spoken word, ambient sounds from the field and anything that makes a sound. This is the perfect portable digital recorder for capturing meetings, music, or any other sound recording where you need full 360 degree coverage.Operation is easy and intuitive. One button push and youre instantly recording! The Auto Start and Auto Gain functions help ensure that youre recording levels are optimized and sound is at its fullest resolution without distortion. The 360 degree coverage of the Zoom H2 four microphone configuration makes it easy to record your meeting (place it in the middle of a conference table) or your band or string quartet and pick up ever word and every note with crystal clarity and full range sound.The H2 records to a 1GB SD media card (included) and can accommodate up to a 32GB card allowing 24 hours of recording time @ 16-bit/44.1kHz CD quality in industry standard WAV format. You can also record at 128kbps MP3 affording 280 hours of stereo recording time.With a 360 W-X/Y microphone configuration as well as optional 90 (front of the unit) and 120 (rear) the flexibility for capturing sounds from multi-directions results in amazing stereo imaging. Record at a 96K/24 bit rate will allow you to convert your recordings to 5.1 surround, but straight ahead stereo recording is just as easy!You can monitor through the included earbuds or use the 1/8 stereo jack output for hookup to your studio monitors or home stereo. Connect the Zoom H1 to a computer via the built-in USB port (USB cable included) and easily transfer your files for further editing, sweetening and sharing. The USB port also makes it possible to use the H2 as a USB microphone for direct ...

It's a simple idea: provide brilliant stereo recording in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable device. Now everyone can record pristine audio in an infinite variety of applications. From seminars and conferences, to electronic news gathering (ENG) and podcasting, to musical performances, songwriting sessions and rehearsals, the H2 provides amazing recording quality. And no matter what kind of music you perform or the instrument you play, the H2 can effortlessly record it in high-quality stereo.
Why Four Mics are Better Than Two
90 degree Pattern
90° Pattern
Record from the front at 90°
120 degree Pattern
120° Pattern
Record from the front at 120°
The H2 is the only portable recorder with 4 mic capsules on-board for 360° recording. With 4 mic capsules in a W-X/Y configuration, the audio is decoded instantly, bringing these four signals together for unparalleled stereo imaging.
But the H2 doesn't stop there. For maximum flexibility, you can record from the front of the H2 in a 90° pickup pattern or the rear of the H2 in a 120° pickup pattern at up to 96 kHz/24-bit resolution as a WAV file, or as an MP3 file at bitrates up to 320 kbps. Additionally, you can record in a 360° pickup pattern at up to 48kHz/24-bit resolution which will allow you to convert your recordings to 5.1 Surround.
Push a Button...
That's all it takes to start recording! The H2 is a remarkably robust device that is incredibly easy to use. One button recording, gain controls on the side and an intuitive user interface mean you can always capture the moment. Set your levels, push record and go. It's that simple. Or use the Auto Start and Auto Gain Control functions to ensure complete capture at the right level. And if you need to fine-tune your levels on the fly, we made it easy with gain control buttons on the front panel.
Play it Back!
Play your recordings on your home audio system with its 1/8" stereo output or listen to your masterpiece with headphones. Or, use the H2's USB interface to move your recordings to your Mac or PC to listen, edit and share.
The H2 records on Secure Digital (SD) media and a 512MB SD card is included. The unit can accommodate up to a 16GB SD card, allowing up to 24 hours of total recording time using the 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV format. At 128kbps MP3, you get an amazing 280 hours of stereo recording. Store your recordings on a PC or Mac with its USB 2.0 interface. And you can use its time stamping function for reference during production. Or use the H2 as a USB Mic for recording directly to a computer.
What's Life Without Accessories?
The H2 comes with earbuds, 1/8 inch stereo to RCA cable, mic clip adapter, tripod stand, USB cable, AC adapter and a 512MB SD card.
Ultimate Convenience
The H2 weighs 4 ounces and fits in your pocket for the ultimate in portability and convenience. Two standard alkaline AA batteries will give you 4 hours of continuous operation and a backlit display means it's always easy to use in any situation.
Enjoy Your Brilliance
Brilliant stereo recording in a convenient, user-friendly package means there's never been an easier way to record high quality audio. The H2 gives everyone the power to record anything and share it with anyone, anywhere. You'll be amazed by your sound.
W-XY mic patterns with 4 mic capsules and signal processing allows Front 90° cardioid, Rear 120° cardioid and 360° polar patterns
Built-in USB 2.0 interface
Records in WAV 96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit, MP3 to 320kbps and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) data formats
Time Stamp and Track Marker functions in Broadcast WAV Format (BWF)
512MB SD memory card included
Accommodates up to 16GB SD memory cards
Auto Gain Control (AGC) for pristine recordings
Auto Start function means you're always ready to record
Low-cut filter eliminates wind noise
On-board chromatic Guitar/Bass tuner
H2 Handy Recorder Features at a Glance
H2 features anotated
The H2 Handy Recorder brings the ultimate in functionality and versatility to portable digital recording. A clear, backlit display features recording levels, time code, file name and remaining battery life. LEDs indicate Front, Rear, 2 Channel or 4 Channel modes and the recording angle: 90°, 120° or 360°. An Active Mic LED is on the front and back of the H2. Transport controls include one button recording, playback and pause, fast forward and rewind. Use the Menu key to enter the control menu and the cursor keys to navigate through the feature sets.
Within the menu, set recording parameters such as direction and polar pattern, activate the Auto Start function and set file format. And you'll find additional settings like Auto Gain Control to make sure your recordings are always pristine. And you can fine-tune your levels on the fly with the Record Level buttons on the front.
H2 side features anotated
On the left side of the H2 is a 1/8" Phone/Line Output for monitoring and playback. Playback Volume, Power On and the AC power are located here as well.
On the right side of the H2, you can plug in a powered 1/8" external stereo mic. Setting levels is easy with a Mic Gain slider for Low/Medium/High gain. You can also digitize analog recordings with the 1/8" Line In.
Use the USB 2.0 Interface to move your files to a PC or Mac for storage, editing and playback. The time stamp function is great for reference during production. And you can even use the H2 as a USB mic and record directly to your favorite digital audio software.
For brilliant stereo recording, and plenty of extras, there's never been a simpler or more functional solution than the H2 Handy Recorder from Zoom.
Please note: The Zoom H2 will not mount as a USB Drive on MAC OS X 10.5.0 Leopard unless you update to H2 Firmware version 1.2 or higher.
Choose the Right Polar Pattern for the Best Recording in any Situation
Choose the Right Polar Pattern for the Best Recording in any Situation

90 degree Pattern
90° Pattern
Record from the front at 90° 120 degree Pattern
120° Pattern
Record from the front at 120°

Record your band rehearsals in 360° brilliant stereo.

360 polar pattern
90° Pattern
Record from the front at 90°

76% (18)

'' Its Happy Zooming Day "

'' Its Happy Zooming Day

Photo taken at Singapore Changi Airport ...Terminal 3

Singapore Changi Airport (IATA: SIN, ICAO: WSSS), Changi International Airport, or simply Changi Airport, is the main airport in Singapore. A major aviation hub in Southeast Asia, it is about 17.2 kilometres (10.7 mi) north-east from the commercial centre in Changi, on a 13 square kilometres (5.0 sq mi) site.

The airport, operated by the Changi Airport Group, is the home base of Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo, SilkAir, Tiger Airways, Jetstar Asia Airways, Valuair, and Jett8 Airlines Cargo. As of September 2010, Changi Airport serves more than 100 airlines flying off to some 200 cities in about 60 countries and territories worldwide ,.[4] The airport is a secondary hub for Qantas, which uses Singapore as the main stopover point for flights on the Kangaroo Route between Australia and Europe. Qantas is the largest foreign airline to operate from the airport, with over two million passengers annually. An important contributor to the Economy of Singapore, more than 28,000 people are employed at the airport, which accounts for over S$4.5 billion in output.

In 2010, the airport handled 42,038,777 passengers, a 13% increase over the 2009 fiscal year.[5] This made it the 18th busiest airport in the world and the fifth busiest in Asia by passenger traffic in 2010. The airport breached the 40 million mark for the first time in its history on 15 December 2010, recorded its busiest month in December 2010 (4.06 million) and its busiest day on 18 December 2010 with 146,000 passengers handled.[6] In addition to being an important passenger hub, the airport is one of the busiest cargo airports in the world, handling 1,813,809 tonnes of cargo in 2010.[7] The total number of commercial aircraft movements was 263,593 in 2010.[8]

Incentives such as the Air Hub Development Fund, first introduced in 2003, have proven effective in attracting airlines.[9] A new S$300 million fund to strengthen Changi's hub status began in 2007 when the previous S$210 million fund expired. A new S$1.75 billion Terminal 3 opened on 9 January 2008.[10][11] Terminal 1 will be upgraded along the lines of the renovated Terminal 2, with the latter costing S$240 million. Changi has been courting both premium and budget travellers with the opening of a "commercially important persons terminal" by JetQuay and a S$45 million Budget Terminal in 2006.

Since its opening in 1981, the airport has made its mark in the aviation industry as a benchmark for service excellence, winning over 360 awards since 1981,[12] including 27 'Best' awards in 2009 alone. Changi Airport's efforts to counter the onset of age include periodic physical upgrades to its existing terminals, building of new facilities and the provision of a high level of customer service.[13]

Premium Clubhouse

Premium Clubhouse

The "Premium Clubhouse" in Autostadt, Wolfsburg (Germany), represents the Volkswagen Group's multi-brand luxury and premium division. The British architect, Stephen Williams, accentuated the pavilion's unusual elliptic interior by adding a curved walkway and a lounge that virtually floats into the space. The exhibition area is characterised by the mirror-finish Bugatti Veyron, an artwork by artist Olaf Nicolai, and the artistic installations of Anselm Reyle and Peter Zimmermann.

Working site-specifically, Nicolai creates mental spaces in which he explores aesthetic perceptions. He challenges the observer to pay close attention as he transforms objects showing them in a different light. In his new work "Apres vous", Nicolai displays a mirror-finish Bugatti in a mirrored room. The Bugatti Veyron is arguably the most technically intricate vehicle of all time, with its superb craftsmanship represents the pinnacle of excellence and exclusivity in the automotive world. The harmonious planes and structured lines of this elegant automobile are a reflective area in which the observer sees himself reflected back ad infinitum from the mirrors, thus becoming part of the exhibit: a phenomenon of endless play-back in which both the boundaries of the space and the boundary between object and observer are blurred.

air zoom flight premium

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