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Flight Time To Russia - Flight Instructor Ratings.

Flight Time To Russia

flight time to russia

flight time to russia - The James

The James Bond Collection

The James Bond Collection


The exploits of Ian Fleming's British super-agent James Bond have long since become the longest running film series in history, spanning 40 years and counting. Not the least of the cycle's charm has been its music, a body of work that encompasses pop cliches (the twangy guitar of Monty Norman's original "James Bond Theme") and elegant underscores alike. While this collection spans music from Dr. No to The World Is Not Enough, decades of various legal entanglements prevented it from becoming the ultimate Bond music anthology. This is more a credible simulation, a newly recorded collection of cues and suites (including music previously unreleased on the original soundtracks) performed by Nic Raine and the City of Prague Symphony Orchestra. With John Barry's lush, ever-evocative scores both forming the core and setting the tone (but also featuring the work of George Martin, David Arnold, Michael Kamen, Bill Conti, and Eric Serra), it's the most comprehensive--if not exactly authentic--collection of Bond music yet attempted. --Jerry McCulley

89% (12)

Very wet and old. Trillium camtschatcense on Rishiri-chô, Hokkaido, Japan

Very wet and old. Trillium camtschatcense on Rishiri-chô, Hokkaido, Japan

"Rain, rain, go away, Come again some other day", dripped into my mind as I walked to the dentist this morning. And I thought of John Bellenden Ker Gawler (ca. 1764-1842). He was the writer of a four-volume study of English nursery rhymes in which he put forward the idea that they were derived from a medieval form of Dutch. But his main field was Botany. It was he who gave this Trillium its specific name 'camtschatcense' (1805 in "The Botanical Magazine").
'Camtschatcense' is a Latin form of Kamtschatska, the largest peninsula of East Asia, jutting out from eastern Russian Siberia into the ocean between the Bering Strait and the Sea of Ochotsk - well-known for the crash of a Korean Airlines 747 on November 1, 1983, when it was shot down by Russian fighter jets. On the northern coast of Hokkaido, Japan, not far from the sea-faring town of Wakkanai, there are monuments commemorating the victims of this horrific disaster.
Just to the west southwest, in Hokkaido's shadow, shivering, as it were, but also shimmering in a low sun, in the Sea of Japan, are two small, wonderful islands: Rebun-cho and Rishiri-cho. There's a ferry from Wakkanai that I boarded in the Spring in weather and a chill much like here today to spend a few days looking at plants and flowers on these remote isles. Some of the photos I took at that time I've posted earlier. But this Trillium - early Spring flower yet already wet and aged - seemed appropriate to show today. I saw some drippy Bumblebees around other flowers, but this Trillium was well past its prime when it would no doubt have been visited by our furry flying friends.
I had no idea that in particular this kind of flowering Trillium plant - but not the flower itself, of course - can live to twenty years! Amazing! Enough to put the thought of rain and the feeling of chill well to the back of one's mind.

Russia 217 m

Russia 217 m

Moscow - After a little drama with the Turkish Airlines, I am finally on boarded the 3 hrs flight to Moscow. As we approach Moscow, you can see the famous Moscow Rings, a set of circular roads radiating from the center (the Kremlin) which is similar to the Beijing ring roads. The Sheremetyevo is average Eastern European standard. At the custom, as I expected the Russian custom is going to give me some hard time. They first took my Hong Kong SAR passport to check if it is fake. They kept questioning why I came to Moscow by myself. I think they are a little worry I come here to work (esp. they learned I booked the Izmailovo hotel which cater to business travelers). At the end they still let me go, what a relief….

flight time to russia

flight time to russia

The Rocket Men : Vostok and Voskhod, the First Soviet Manned Spaceflights

This book is the first known work in the west dedicated to revealing the full story of the Vostok space missions, and the first fledgling steps off our planet. In Leaving the Planet authors Rex Hall and Dave Shayler review this Soviet demonstration of technological progress. The text examines both the developmental and operational aspects of the missions, which at the time were clouded in secrecy. This fascinating and important text features a significant amount of new material on the spacecraft, as well as the history, design and development of the launch vehicle. It also includes the full story of the men and women who trained for these missions, some of whom never flew.

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