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Zoom Airline Tickets : Airline Flight Arrival Information.

Zoom Airline Tickets

zoom airline tickets

    airline tickets
  • An airline ticket is a document, created by an airline or a travel agency, to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on a flight on an aircraft. This document is then used to obtain a boarding pass, at the airport.

  • A camera shot that changes smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa

  • rapid climb: a rapid rise

  • move with a low humming noise

  • move along very quickly

zoom airline tickets - The Other

The Other Side

The Other Side

In The Other Side, artist, designer, provocateur Istvan Banyai takes readers on another exceptional visual journey. In graphically stunning illustrations that feature many clever twists in point of view, familiar scenes turn and turn again to show us the back, the front, the top, the bottom, the opposite, the other side of each perspective. Here's a door. What's on the other side? Here's a shoreline. What's on the other side? Here's a curtain. What's on the other side? The answers may surprise you. Delightful, sly, funny, and challenging, The Other Side will make readers want to look, and think, twice.

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Concorde Close Encounter

Concorde Close Encounter

Circa 1987 and taken with my Nikon F301 SLR - scanned in 2010.

One of the 7 famous British Airways operated Concordes which paid Exeter Airport a series of visits virtually every year from 1986 up until it ceased flying in October 2003. 'Special Flights' were laid on allowing 'ordinary' 'Joe Public' the chance to fly on this amazing aircraft - either on a hour and 30 minute 'MACH 2' dash around the Bay of Biscay; or a 30 minute sub-sonic flight either to; or from London Heathrow. Naturally, there was a price difference, but only a fraction of the approx ?5000 ticket price for a business person crossing between London and new York.

A number of UK regional airports hosted Concorde during the summer months for these flights and they proved very popular, drawing huge crowds of spectators to see it, as can be seen in the shot above.

This is a sight that definitely would not be allowed under the very strict and enhanced Security requirements of present day airports. Note the very close proximity of the crowd line, and some of the individuals virtually on th edge of the taxiway. Although using a zoom lens, I was still only a few yards away from the edge of the taxiway myself. Even though I had ear defenders on, the noise was incredible.

Seen on a dull Summer's day taxying along the then 'Western Taxiway' (Taxiway A(lpha) now) towards the Apron on it's second ever visit in 1987. On this occasion it night-stopped.



Stuff that I brought back from my trip to Austin to see Shearwater.

It was... interesting trying to pack according to airline regulations after travelling by train for the past year.

zoom airline tickets

zoom airline tickets

Zoom for Kinect

Decrease the space needed to play your favorite Kinect games with Nyko's Zoom for Kinect. The Zoom reduces the play range required to enjoy Kinect software by up to 40 percent, allowing you to play closer to your TV. Zoom's wide angle lens also enables two people to play in an area normally only suitable for a single player making it ideal for those in smaller apartments or dorm rooms. Specially designed optical lenses fit over the Kinect sensor and clip into place making set up a breeze with nothing to plug in. No additional software or calibration is required. The design of the Zoom blends seamlessly with the look and feel of the Kinect. The Zoom opens up a whole new world of Kinect play to those who previously lacked the space required to fully enjoy it.

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