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Tank Vent Filters : Filter Coffee Pot.

Tank Vent Filters

tank vent filters

Launch Complex 39 - Pad A

Launch Complex 39 - Pad A

The Launch Complex 39 Pads A and B are roughly octagonal in shape. Each covers about 0.25- square-mile (0.65-square-kilometer) of land, contained within a high chain link fence. Space Shuttles launch from the top of the concrete hardstand in the center of the pad. The Pad A stand is 48 feet (14.6 meters) above sea level at its top, while the upper surface at Pad B is at an elevation of 55 feet (16.8 meters).
Approximately 105 Space Transportation System (STS) 51-L accident-related pad modifications were made before the STS-26 return-to-flight mission in September 1988. Although pad equipment was not found to be a contributing factor in the accident, the modifications improved flight safety margins and corrected possible problems in emergency escape hardware and procedures.

Some of the modifications include extensive changes to the Crew Emergency Egress System. The personnel escape route from the Shuttle, beginning with the orbiter access arm, has been covered with solid panels for fire protection. A water spray system also has been incorporated. Two slidewire baskets have been added to the slidewire system for a total of seven, along with devices to decelerate the baskets and to improve exit from them. The old emergency shelter bunker near the end of the slidewires, which the crew would enter to wait out the emergency, has been replaced by a new version.

Other modifications include the addition of a solid rocket booster joint heater umbilical to keep booster field joints at or about 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), and a system to recirculate launch pad water services to prevent them from freezing. Still other modifications are improvements to the environmental controls in the Payload Changeout Room, the addition of a cryogenic liquid-propellant filter device, and the inclusion of an automatic secondary release system for the Shuttle external tank hydrogen vent umbilical.

Recently completed Cement Plant for ONGC, India

Recently completed Cement Plant for ONGC, India

This is Most Modernized, Fully Automatic Portable / Transportable / Modularized Cement Batching Plant for feeding of Bulk Materials like Cement/Additives/Chemicals/Readymix Concrete on Barge/Offshore in between the Sea (Attached/Enclosed Photograph). This system is supposed to be used in ONGC INDIA (Oil & Natural Gas Corp.) Pipeline Replacement project-II & proposed to travel all over the world for under water Pipeline. This system includes,

1) 2 Nos. 40MT Storage Silos / Bunkers / Hoppers. These silos are of Standard Container size for ease of Transport/Shipping. Also these silo's are provided with Accessories like Level Indicators, Fluiding/Areation/Vibration Pads, Bag Filters, Safy Valves etc.
2) 50TPH Pneumatic Conveying / Handling System which is 25 Mtrs Long. This is USA patented.
3) 6 Nos. 1 Cu.m Air Compressor Receiver Tanks for 10 Kg/cm2 Pressure,
3) 3MT Reception Silo, This silo is fitted with Bin vent Filter, Level Indicators, Pneumatic Vibrators, Terminal Boxes, Relief Valve etc.
4) Fully Automatic Weighing/Batching system (2MT Weigh hopper with Load cell, Microprocessor based Controller, PLC’s, Rotary Airlock Feeding valves, Pneumatic Gate valves, Fully Automatic & Computerized A/C Control Room) and
5) Automated Grouting/Mixing System (Automatic Grout Plant is Supplied by Wale Marine, South Africa)

This system is used for 250km under Sea water pipeline. This Plant is applied for Patent as being World’s First ever Portable / Transportable / Modularized Batching Plant.
This Project involves Technologies from five different countries like Phoenix Industries (Ourself from INDIA), Leighton International (AUSTRALIA), Wale Marine (SOUTH AFRICA), Macawber Engineering (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - USA), Mettler Toledo (USA), WAM Group (ITALY). We are proude to be only INDIAN company amongest them to lead from front with INDIAN Technology.

tank vent filters

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