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21.03.2009., subota


Nacional park "KRKA"-Roski Slap

Our agrotourism, which is a private property of my family, the Skelins,NP KRKA -Roski slap, is known as the Skelins' mill. We have been hosting tourists visiting this area for over 20 years. This tradition was started by my grandfather, Marko Skelin, known as Markan the miller. He used to entertain the tourists by playing the Dalmatian bagpipes and sold them some of his homemade wine and brandy.

The mill itself is around 650 years old according to the available historical data. It is preserved in its authentic form with signs of reconstructions made over the centuries.
The mill hides a collection of old authentic rustic objects typical of the area and four original millstones one of which can still be activated. All this gives an irresistible insight into the past times and way of living.
In front of the mill there are two old wooden barrels immersed into the water stream ("koševi") which once were used to wash very thick and heavy woven woolen blankets ("sukanci" – many sorts make part of our collection). Today these barrels represent a big touristic attraction because the visitors can bathe inside them during summertime and experience an exotic pleasure of strong water stream that massages their body and gives relaxation like some natural Jacuzzi.

Our menu consists of the traditional specialties of the region; the well-known Drniš smoked ham, the smoked loin, the pancetta, the smoked sausage, fresh sheep and cow cheese, the wine and different sorts of brandies coming from our vineyards. All these products we fabricate ourselves on our farm following the generations' old recipes and without any artificial additives. Another our delicacy, and something that cannot be easily found elsewhere, is the homemade bread that my mother bakes in a traditional way (on a heated stone fireplace and covered with a heated round metal lid and live coal), a true and authentic specialty.

The contact person:
Ante Skelin
Mobile: 091 5146591

Blog description

The "Kristijan" agrotourism is situated in Roški Slap, inside the "National Park Krka", and it is in the property of the Skelin family.
The "Kristijan" agrotourism hosts tourists inside the over 650-years-old family mill. Here one can discover 4 millstones that were used for milling wheat, oat, corn and other cereals and, moreover, 2 old washing barrels, once used for washing heavy woolen blankets, and today representing a touristic attraction, especially in the summertime when visitors can enjoy a refreshing bath inside them and experience a natural Jacuzzi.

The menu of the "Kristijan" agrotourism is very traditional and all the products come from the Skelin family's natural production:
-the Drniš smoked ham, smoked loin, pancetta and smoked sausage
-fresh sheep and cow cheese
-bread made under "peka" (traditional way-on a heated fireplace and covered with a hot lid and live coal)
-different sorts of brandies: green walnut, cherry, fig and vine brandy
-house wine; red and white
-salads: onions, garlic, tomatoes and olives
-house olive oil

-it is possible to prepare a lamb roasted in the traditional way (on a skewer and live coal), but with a reservation only

Contact person and manager:
Ante Skelin
Mobile: 091 5146591

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Opis bloga
Agroturizam \\\\\\\"Kristijan\\\\\\\" u vlasništvu je obitelji Skelin i nalazi se u Roškom Slapu ,Np Krka.
Smješten je u mlinici staroj preko 650 godina.Osim 4 mlina na kojim se mljelo žito,zob,kukuruz i ostale žitarice,u funkciji su i 2 koša za pranje sukanaca,deka,velenci,tapeta,a koji su u vrućim ljetnim danima prava atrakcija i turisti se u njima kupaju (prirodni jakuzi)

Samo ponuda domaćinstva je vrlo tradicionalna i obuhvaća suhomesnate proizvode;
-drniški pršut,pečenica,panceta,kobasica
-svježi ovčji i kravlji sir
-kruh ispod peke
-razne vrste rakije;orahovica,višnjevača,travarica,smokovača i domaća loza
-domaće vino,crno i bijelo
-salata;luk,kapula,maslina i pomidora
-domaće maslinovo ulje

-isključivo po dogovoru moguće je i poslužiti pečeno janje

Osoba za kontakt i voditelj:
-Ante Skelin mob /091-514-6591