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Buy Kids Bike. Stroller Bike Trailer Combo.

Buy Kids Bike

buy kids bike

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Giant bike on the left, gas fueled scooter in the middle and gasoline fueled scooter on the right. Hit 'L' for large view.

Cities in China like Guangzhou banned motorcycles, which means no motorcyle is allowed running on the street, except those from cops or cops security assistant (Cheng Guan). The only reason I can figure out was cops wanna save from troubles simply because of there were motorcycle gangster crimes they don't know how to stop it. As in Shanghai, new motocycle license has been freezed for years, but motorcycles are still allowed running out side of inner circle downtown. I was told buying a motorcycle licens costs same as for a car, 50K RMB something. But people like motorcyles because of it's covenience and much less expensive than buying a car. Kids wanna have motorcyles for fun. As a result, you will see many motorcyles running in Shanghai either with other cities license plate, or illegal license plate. Or, with nothing like 2 scooters above.

M's 'bike'

M's 'bike'

Had to take a picture of this crazy Dutch bike/bus! Great for loading two kids and a ton of shopping into, and then sailing up and down the streets of Tokyo (not as easy as it looks)! M had just bought some plastic cherry blossom branchs to place in the handy flower holder on the side!

buy kids bike

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