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Leader Bike - Mountain Full Suspension Bike - Healthrider Recumbent Exercise Bike.

Leader Bike

leader bike

  • a person who rules or guides or inspires others

  • The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country

  • drawing card: a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers

  • (leadership) the activity of leading; "his leadership inspired the team"

  • A person followed by others

  • An organization or company that is the most advanced or successful in a particular area

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

leader bike - Walky Dog

Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash with BONUS Bicycle Head light and 5 LED back Light set

Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash with BONUS Bicycle Head light and 5 LED back Light set

Safe - Stable - Fun! The WalkyDog dog bike leash lets you safely take your dog with you on bike rides. Now you can bring your best buddy along for the ride and maintain complete control; no more feeling guilty for leaving them at home. A bicycle dog leash is a great way to exercise your dog and release energy - especially for active dogs. The WalkyDog installs in just minutes and is incredibly easy to use. Its patented design includes an internal shock-absorbing system and quick lock and release capability for easy switching between bikes.

Now you can have your dog share in the fun of a bike ride! Great exercise for you and your dog. The WalkyDog lets you relax and enjoy the company of friends and family while taking your dog along on bike rides. No need to leave your dog at the house or fumble with a lead. The Walkydog, "the third hand on your bike", handles your dog for you. It puts you back in charge, your dog will very soon realize this and restrain itself, even when passing a cat, squirrel or other distraction. The Walky Dog can be used with a collar or harness. We think the harness would be safer for your dog as it eliminates any choking hazard but it would increase the leverage your dog has with your bike. So you'll have to be the judge on whether to use a harness or a collar. The WalkyDog can be used for breeds that are a little closer to the ground. The WalkyDog "lead" can be extended to a maximum of 14". If you find that the combination of the height of your bike and the 14" lead isn't enough, you can attach the WalkyDog lead to another lead for additional length or, you can pretty easily replace the cord used in the WalkyDog lead with a cord of a custom length. You can purchase cord of this type at many hardware stores.

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725 LEADER BIKE 2011

725 LEADER BIKE 2011

Cadre Leader bike 725 2011 taille 55
Fourche Leader bike Noir
Roue Miche pistard WR FULL BLACK
Cintre Cinelli Noir
Potence Cinelli ANT
Tige de selle Miche SUPERTYPE Noir
Pedalier SUGINO RD 2 Messenger Black
Pignon 17 T Victoire Cycle
Pedale SALT
Strap TITAN Sofus Francisco



my Leader bike in my old backyard. notice the fatty tire up front and the skinny in the rear.

leader bike

leader bike

Leader Of The Pack Motorcycle Figurine by The Bradford Exchange

First-of-a-Kind Collectible Motorcycle Figurine Rides with the Leader of the Pack! Artist Vivi Crandall Wolf Art! - Are you ready to run with the leader of the pack? The golden eyes of the guiding wolf blaze a path through the night with this collectible motorcycle figurine, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Featuring the riveting wolf imagery of artist Vivi Crandall, this first-of-a-kind motorcycle figurine captures the freedom of a wild ride.A dramatic stone-like structure supports a lustrous hand-cast American chopper in three full dimensions. The chopper is shadowed by a looming 2-D image of a noble wolf, as imagined by artist Vivi Crandall. This richly detailed motorcycle figurine is hand-painted for authenticity, and features additional wolf imagery on the gas tank. Limited to 295 casting days, so don't miss your opportunity to ride with the pack. Order now!
Unique stone-like base is handcrafted in fine artist's resin, hand-painted for a lifelike presentation of stone, wood and grass detailing around the motorcycle figurine
The title "LEADER OF THE PACK" is in black across the bottom of the base
Premiere issue in the Born to be Free Motorcycle Figurine Collection
Edition limited to 295 casting days, so order yours now
Hand-numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity
Measures 8" H; 20.3 cm H

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