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Work Wheels : Harley Wheel Bearing Removal Tool.

Work Wheels

work wheels

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work wheels - Work Meister

Work Meister Wheel (6mmOffset),Chrome

Work Meister Wheel (6mmOffset),Chrome

HPI Work Meister S1 Wheel 26mm Chrome 6mm Offset These Work Meister S1 wheels are for touring cars. HPI s S1 wheel design is an officially-licensed replica of the Work Meister S1 design, one of the lightest and strongest wheels available. 3mm offset gives a slightly wider stance, and owners of 190mm electric cars can use 6mm offset wheels with 200mm bodies. Throw on a pair of 9mm offset wheels for a super wide look. So, give your car a winning look with these 26mm Work Meister wheels. Molded from durable nylon, these lightweight wheels are tough enough for racing and stylish enough to stand out in any winning line up. All standard 26mm touring car tires will fit on these wheels. Work wheels are extensively used by various motorsports teams in GT300, GT500, Formula 3, and the N1 endurance racing series. They are used on everything ranging from million dollar McLaren F1 race cars to Spoon Sports Honda Civics. Constant testing and motorsports feedback allows Work to develop super strong race proven wheels that are at home on the street or at the race track.

87% (15)

WORK Wheels USA Mitsubishi Evo X Demo Car on WORK Emotion 11R-FT

WORK Wheels USA Mitsubishi Evo X Demo Car on WORK Emotion 11R-FT

WORK Emotion 11R-FT (USA Edition)
Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish
18x10.5 +22

Work Wheels

Work Wheels

these two-piece Work wheels looked great on the little Subaru.

work wheels

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