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Hotels with private jacuzzi in room. Budget inn durango. Hotel rochester concept em buenos aires

Hotels With Private Jacuzzi In Room

hotels with private jacuzzi in room

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Executive One Bedroom Suites With Private Pool

Executive One Bedroom Suites With Private Pool

Sleeps 2-3 persons
Choice of front sea view or limited sea view
Private pool 6.60 x 3.00 m with deck
Approx. 44 m? of indoor living area
Spacious bedroom and separate comfortable living room area with a sofa bed / extra bed
Quality wooden floor throughout the suite
Deluxe marble bathroom featuring a bathtub with Jacuzzi, twin wash basins, toilet, and shower cubicle
Flat screen plasma satellite 32 inch TV and radio in the living room
Flat screen plasma satellite 26 inch TV in the bedroom
DVD player
Direct dial telephone
Free Wi-Fi internet connection service
Safety deposit box (lap top size) free of charge
Ironing facilities
Hair dryer
Bathrobes and slippers
Deluxe bathroom toiletries
Air conditioning (May to October) with room controls
Central heating (November to April)
Tea & coffee making facilities (replenished daily)
Espresso machine
Fridge on request
Mini bar with international brands of drinks

Private Rail Car - Warren R Henry dining

Private Rail Car - Warren R Henry dining

Private rail cars are the best way to travel on earth.
Charter private rail cars like the Warren R Henry and Evelyn Henry to travel across the USA.

hotels with private jacuzzi in room

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