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Constitute Legal Advice

constitute legal advice

    legal advice
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  • form: to compose or represent:"This wall forms the background of the stage setting"; "The branches made a roof"; "This makes a fine introduction"

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gilgit baltistan

gilgit baltistan

Prime Minister’s Secretariat

* I constituted a high powered Committee under the chairmanship of Minister for KANA to prepare a reforms package for the purpose.

* Here, I would like to mention that all major improvements were made during the period of PPP. The first noticeable administrative improvement came through the Northern Areas Council Legal Framework Order 1974-75 by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, wherein major administrative, judicial and political reforms were introduced and Jagirdari Nazam and FCR were abolished.

* Further democratization was done through the Northern Areas Legal Framework Order, 1994 by Shaheed Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto so as to ensure more internal autonomy to the people of Northern Areas through their elected representatives.

* Now the KANA Division has prepared a draft “ GILGIT-BALTISTAN (Empowerment and Self-Governance) Order 2009.

* The draft was discussed with all the stake holders and their views were accordingly incorporated.

* Informal discussions were also held with members of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly and leaders of public opinion of the area.

* I also took the leadership of the major political parties into confidence.

* The Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly will formulate its own Rules of Procedures while legislation on various subjects pertinent to governance will be done by the Council and Assembly in their respective jurisdiction.

* Special meeting of the Cabinet was convened today to discuss the New Northern Areas Governance Order named “Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment and Self Governance Order -2009”.

* This will replace Northern Areas Governance Order, 1994.

* The new name of Northern Areas of Pakistan shall be Gilgit-Baltistan as proposed under Article-2(f).

* There shall be a Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan as proposed under Article-20. and shall be appointed by the President of Pakistan.

* Till the election of the new legislative Assembly, Federal Minister for KANA will act as Governor.

* There will be a Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan who shall be elected by the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

* The Chief Minister shall be assisted by six Ministers.

* There shall be a provision of two advisors to the Chief Minister.

* There shall be Legislative assembly having directly elected 24 members. In addition there shall be six women and three technocrats’ seats.

* Today’s decision will empower the Gilgit-Baltistan Council and Assembly to make laws. The subject under which the Assembly shall now have power to make law has increased from 49 to 61 while the Council shall have 55 subjects.

* In order to empower the Council and the Assembly on financial matters, there shall be a Council Consolidated Fund under article 54, and Gilgit-Baltistan Consolidated Fund under article 55.

* Regarding annual budget, a detailed item-wise budget shall be presented before the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly as it is being practiced in Pakistan and shall be accordingly voted upon as sested in article 56.

* The Chief Judge of Supreme Appellate Court shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Council on the Advice of the Governor and other Judges shall be appointed by the Chairman on the Advice of Governor after seeking views of the Chief Judge.

* The Chief Judge and Judges of the Chief Court shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Council on the advice of the Governor on the same pattern as it is being practiced in AJ&K.

* Auditor General Gilgit-Baltistan to be appointed by the Governor on the advice of Council as the case in AJ&K.

* There shall be a Chief Election Commissioner under article-82 as well as Auditor General besides emergency provisions under article-83 & 87 respectively.

The bRotherhood of Co-worKers

The bRotherhood of Co-worKers

“Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people - your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way.”
-Barbara Bush quotes (American first lady (1989-93), the wife of George Bush, b.1925)-

“When we really begin to live in the world, then we understand what is meant by brotherhood or mankind, and not before.”
-Swami Vivekananda quotes (Indian Spiritual leader of the Hindu religion (Vedanta). Disciple of the famous 19th century mystic-saint Sri Ramakrishna of Calcutta. Founder of the Ramakrishna Order of Monks. 1863-1902)-

“I don't believe the accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings. Gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.”
-Maya Angelou quotes (American Poet, b.1928)-

“The mystical bond of brotherhood makes all men brothers”
-Thomas Carlyle quotes (Scottish Historian and Essayist, leading figure in the Victorian era. 1795-1881)-

“You cannot contribute anything to the ideal condition of mind and heart known as Brotherhood, however much you preach, posture, or agree, unless you live it.”
-Faith Baldwin quotes (American author 1893-1978)-

“Brotherhood is not so wild a dream as those, who profit by postponing it, pretend”
-Eric Sevareid quotes (American Journalist, 1912-1992)-

constitute legal advice

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