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Skull party decorations. Sailboat decorations. Horse wall decoration.

Skull Party Decorations

skull party decorations

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restless souls are stirring...*+^

restless souls are stirring...*+^

Sorry for not being present very much...we've been getting ready for our Halloween party. Since the party is going to be on Friday (couldn't schedule opposite an LSU football game...*+^), we're in the home stretch of getting everything ready!

I'm going to try for some Halloweeny shots at the party, but you know how that goes...*+^

Have a great and spooky Halloween, everyone!!!

Skull Bar

Skull Bar

Halloween 2010 Zombie Prom.
Some of my decorations.
(The bar arch, the stone work and some of the walls are Sculpted in foam).

skull party decorations

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