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Used Off Road Wheels

used off road wheels

    road wheels
  • (Road Wheel) A large diameter (typically 67") steer wheel capable of rotating at selected speeds; used to simulate road surface for tire testing.

  • (Road Wheel) A wheel attached to the car or train that rides on the top of the roller coaster rail or track. Road wheels are usually made of steel and coated with nylon, hard plastic or rubber.

  • (Road wheel) A bicycle wheel consists of a hub, rim, and spokes. Modern road wheels are generally size 700C. Older road bike wheels may be 27 in.

used off road wheels - KC HiLiTES

KC HiLiTES 631 Daylighter - 6 In Black 130w Long Range Off Road Light System (Pair)

KC HiLiTES 631 Daylighter - 6 In Black 130w Long Range Off Road Light System (Pair)

KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Lights sets have been a leading choice in all-terrain auxiliary light systems for more than 30 years. Each Daylighter kit comes with two 6-inch Round Daylighter Off-Road lamp housings, a fully assembled wiring harness, two 130W halogen long-range bulbs, which are 285,000 candlepower beam per light, and a pre-terminated wiring harness with a 40-amp relay and an in-cab control switch. Daylighter Off-Road Lights use a heavy-duty rubber gasket, or bulb holder, that isolates all the elements of the lamp, including the lens, the reflector, and the bulb, from the vagaries of weather. The kits also include a patented shock mounting system, updated so that it requires no extra drilling. This shock mounting system isolates the lamp unit from the mounting bracket, or surface on which the light is mounted, to reduce lamp failure due to vibration. It's a shock mount that can endure the extremes of off-road racing. With its ?" posts these shock mounts install most anywhere. The kit also includes two yellow "smiley face" lamp covers.

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Trophee Cevenol

Trophee Cevenol

Found ..Tied up in Canvey Island.. an Outback Import..

Every year for the past 20 years more than 150 hard-core off-road vehicles have congregated in the cute village of Les Vans deep in the Cevennes National Park in southern France to take part in what most believe to be the toughest non-competitive recreational off-roading event available anywhere in Europe. The Trophee Cevenol includes rock crawling, mud-pling and rut-riding, an event deliberately designed to give hard-core highly-modified off-road cars somewhere to try out their enhanced equipment. How steep are the climbs? I can give you some idea, since I've been doing hard-core off-roading for over thirty years and even I was impressed. I was driving a lifted ARB-equipped Wrangler with photographer Pete at my side when a Land Rover up ahead turned off the track and lurched up such a steep slope that it nearly fell over backwards. "Ho, ho," I said, "look, Pete, he's gone the wrong way." Pete, who was navigating and had the route book open on his lap, said: "No, that's the way we go." It was, too. Half way up, as I strled to find enough grip for the B F Goodriches to stay in touch with the ground, Pete added: "You remember this, don't you? We drove down it yesterday." I remembered, all right - it was so steep that the Wrangler had threatened to lock up its wheels in first low and we'd had to stand on the bulkhead to stop ourselves falling out of the seats. Rocks? One year they'd found a boulder the size of an elephant for us to ease our way down off, another there was one the size of a double-storey house and so steeply angled that we had to approach it sideways to avoid slamming the winch bumper into it. The organisers had also found a lovely "vee" for us to drive through (above, left) which had many a car slipping over on to its side to the accompaniment of loud cheers from the onlookers. A fast-flowing river crossing one year was so deep that a lifted, mightily-modified YJ simply floated away and sank...

The Cevenol is a three-day event, with a different route to drive each day. Entrants are divided into a total of nine groups, three groups to each route each day, the groups starting an hour apart to reduce the chance of "traffic jams" at difficult sections. Jams are inevitable. The Cevenol is intended as a playing field for highly modified cars, but the accent is all on friendliness and team spirit, and there's nothing to stop people campaigning standard vehicles, as some do purposely on the quite acceptable grounds that overcoming the serious Cevenol obstacles is a greater test of their own driving skill; flat-fender Jeeps are a regular sight, amazing to see in action over such daunting terrain. For all that, there are some ridiculously long, steep climbs with severe axle-twisting ruts and rocks that many a standard car can't manage without a little bit of help from a winch. Let's face it, there are some obstacles that more than a few highly-modified vehicles have needed to winch themselves through. As I've already mentioned elsewhere, we did watch in awe one year as a bog-standard old Land Rover 90 pick-up plodded its way round with little fuss, but that was an impressively well-driven rarity...
Driving skill can play just as big a part in getting a highly-modified car around - there are folk who still freak out at at the sight of steep, twisting, deeply-rutted climbs and tend to use too much right foot in too low a gear with the result that even body lifts and locking diffs can't guarantee traction. On one afternoon the action switches to an area we've nicknamed the devil's playground because it's a superb hollow in the Cevennes highlands hundreds of metres deep and a couple of kilometres across; it it's been raining even getting down into it is a nerve-racking feat because the muddied soil gets as slippery as ice. Here there are several of those awkward axle-twisting climbs, with many twists and turns in them, many drivers getting themselves into difficulty by relying too heavily on locking differentials which may get them over humps and bumps, but can cause havoc with the steering when you're trying to aim the car accurately between boulders. This event is a great one to really get to grips with the technicalities of serious off-road driving.
Nextyear will see the 21st edition of the Trophee Cevenol, running in early May and possibly with a tough Prologue section to whet the appetite for the remaining three days of action. The event is organised by the French group Grands Randonneurs Motorises and you'll need to budget at least a grand to cover the entry fee and the cost of fuel, ferry crossing, accommodation and food. It may seem expensive but many who've tried it go back year after year because it's such a seriously exciting off-road kick that it's virtually impossible to resist. Save up and treat it as a holiday - the countryside .is gorgeous, the food and wine superb, th

GAZ 66. Gorki-1

GAZ 66. Gorki-1

Produced by the million, and used often by our foes. The Gaz66 are extremely reliable and make ideal medium size expedition vehicles, manufactured in Nizhmy Novogorod, Southern Russia. Production ran from 1964 to the late eighties.

They are best described as really tough cookies, and well known for there iron reliability and are bags of fun to drive as well. On Wikipedia they are described as follows "The Gaz-66 has gained legendary status in many countries around the world due to its reliability, simplicity and off-road capability".

The cabs are extremely well sound proofed, and often come with a very useful flat tray over the engine cover, perfect for your satnav.

Overall the Gaz is extremely reliable and ideal for those long expeditions to the far corners of the world, or just remote camping locations in Sutherland or lake district, where you want to be in the hills, but in comfort and not on a heaving site in August. Remember, these trucks were designed firstly for the soviet military and designed specifically for use in extreme climates with temperatures vary between minus to plus fifty degree’s, and of course to be driven by conscript drivers who didn’t care and would there best to destroy them. Often drivers would be told to drive hundreds of miles, and only allowed to stop for fuel. This is the kind of engineering you are dealing with here.

Construction is straight forward, being Russian you have lots of toys to play with. You have a compressor to inflate the tyres, this can done inside the cab. Or, you can deflate for softer ground. The compressor line goes to the rear and has valve setup for trailer towing with a twist air fitting. Brakes are conventional hydraulic, but you two remote servo assemblies. One the rear chassis member you not only have your air connections but a standard caravan power plug wired the same. Electrics are 12volts, but you have a huge alternator powered by two ‘V’ type belts.

The engine is a conventional V8, and is built for reliability. Block and heads are aluminium with wet liners with easy access to drain taps. Electrics are all waterproofed, in a protective shielding, and distributor is electronic. You have a controls to a radiator louver to shut off air for those extreme cold spells and for the minus fifty you have a separate petrol fired central heating system, this not only warms the coolant it warms the engine oil as well.

Transmission is conventional synchromesh, with a high a low transfer unit, control by two levers inside the cab. Handbrake is remote on the propshaft like a landy, but during normal operation you have servo assistance giving you belt and braces holding method. Axles are normal but you a limited slip rear diff.

Ergonomics of the cab are very comfortable, driving position is high to look over the vehicles in front, but you have a front wheel hub. The cab tilts to gain access to the engine area, but you can gain access from inside the cab via a lift up panel.

The rear box is of a modern strong but light, composite structure. Outer skin is two millimetre aluminium, inner is five millimetre ply with four millimetre ribs going to the outer skin running from side to side. The voids are filled with solid isocynate foam (like your expandable foam when dry). The floor again is ply but fifty, yes fifty millimetres thick. Windows are doubled glazed, and an independent diesel heater warms the back.

used off road wheels

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