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Newcastle Flooring Company. Raised Floor Pedestal.

Newcastle Flooring Company

newcastle flooring company

newcastle flooring company - Sisal Stair

Sisal Stair Treads - Desert - Set of 13 - Double-Sided Tape Included

Sisal Stair Treads - Desert - Set of 13 - Double-Sided Tape Included

Beautiful All Natural Sisal Stair Treads by Dean Flooring Company. Color: Desert Approximately 29 inches by 9 inches. Set includes 13 pieces. Each tread is machine serged with color matching yarn. High quality sisal natural fiber construction. Heavy duty non-skid rubber backing. Helps prevents slips on your hardwood stairs. Provides warmth and comfort. Extends the life of your hardwood stairs. Great for pets (facilitates navigation of slippery stairs). Easy do-it-yourself installation with included Double-Sided Carpet Tape. Add a touch of warmth and style to your stairs today!

75% (7)

Spillers (Avonmouth) BS11

Spillers (Avonmouth) BS11

Spillers flour and animal foodstuff factory at Avonmouth as seen in the late 1940s. Spillers factory was inside the dock area at Avonmouth, it was a flour mill, an animal feed mill, and a dry petfood factory.

Ships would pull up alongside the factory and the grain and other strange ingredients would be sucked up into giant silos. The factories were quit tall, being on about eight levels, and almost everything inside except the machinery was made of wood. If you didn't want to climb all those stairs there were "man lifts" attached to a continuously moving belt.

You had to jump on and off at the right moment before the little platform disappeared through the ceiling or the floor. There was also high speed unprotected belts and a spiral sack chute. - a very dangerous place but also very interesting with some real characters working in it.

Tomkins Acquires Spillers Flour Milling

Tomkins PLC international manufacturing company, is pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with Kerry Group plc to acquire the Spillers flour milling business for a total cash consideration of 92 million pounds. This follows Kerry's proposed purchase of Spillers Milling and Ingredients Divisions from Dalgety plc announced on January 26, 1998.

In the year to June 30, 1997, the business being acquired by Tomkins produced an operating profit of 10.7 million pounds on turnover of 148.3 million pounds. The net assets at the year end were 44.5 million pounds. The transaction comprises six mills located at Avonmouth, Birkenhead, Cambridge, Liverpool, Newcastle and Tilbury and also includes Fleming Howden, the Scottish bakers supply operation. The total number of employees is approximately 650.

Tomkins' Rank Hovis subsidiary, acquired in 1992 as part of the purchase of Ranks Hovis McDougall plc, is one of the UK's leading flour millers with eleven mills.

Gregory Hutchings, Tomkins' Executive Chairman said: "We are delighted to be able to make this "add-on" acquisition to one of our key business activities which builds on an existing area of excellence. Rank Hovis will benefit significantly from the enlarged company which will have an unequaled range of brands, products and technologies to meet all the needs of the flour using industry across the UK."

Baguley Fold Junction

Baguley Fold Junction

7343.British Railways Brush Type 4 Co-Co class 47/4 diesel-electric locomotive number 47407 Aycliffe of Gateshead Traction Maintenance Depot passes Baguley Fold Junction signal box, Manchester, a The Railway Signal Company Limited Standard design built for the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, on the Up Main line with the 12:25 (Daily) Newcastle to Liverpool Lime Street (1M26). Thursday 21st May 1987

Baguley Fold Junction signal box is located to the east of Ten Acres Lane underbridge in Manchester, and is a Railway Signal Company Standard design opened in 1890 fitted with a 28 lever Railway Signal Company frame for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, replacing an earlier box. In 1903 the box was extended at the far end to accomodate a replacement 48 lever Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Tappet frame probably in connection with the construction of sidings to feed the private branch line to the new Stuart Street power station. The lever frame was reduced to 32 levers in 1973 and was replaced by a TEW SM48 individual function switch panel on 15th September 1998

Missing from below the two pane deep operating floor windows is a row of single pane windows which have been replaced by boarding. Also missing are the finials from both ends of the roof

In the distance Philips Park No1 signal box's distant signal is at caution indicating the train has been refused by Stoppem Junction aka Miles Platting Station Junction signal box

newcastle flooring company

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