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Authentic Thai Cooking. Cooking T Bone Steaks.

Authentic Thai Cooking

authentic thai cooking

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Northern Thai script, Songkran (Thai New Year) Lampang, Thailand

Northern Thai script, Songkran (Thai New Year) Lampang, Thailand

Northern Thailand was an independent kingdom called Lanna from c. 1200 to 1556 when it was taken over by the Burmese. It remained part of Myanmar / Burma until it was taken by Thailand in 1785. The northern language is still widly used (and comprehensable to central Thais even though it sounds funny to them) but the script has all but vanished. A few older people know it, and some monks learn it as ancient manuscripts still exist in the script. It is used ceremonally from time to time, as on this sign. Standard, if fancy, Thai script is below it. Both have the same origin: Sanskrit. Sanskrit was modified into the Khmer (Cambodian) script when Cambodia had a huge, Hinduized empire. When Thailand, Lanna and Laos arose from the ashes of the Khmer empire in the early 1200 they all modified Khmer script to fit their languages.

Private Thai Cooking

Private Thai Cooking

To enjoy Thai authentic food cooking experience. Khaolak Bayfront Resort offers you our English speaking Executive chef. You will lean how to prepare Thai food so you can impress your family back home.

authentic thai cooking

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