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Manipulative Toys For Children

manipulative toys for children

    manipulative toys
  • Small toys that foster fine-motor development and eye-hand coordination, such as nesting cups, puzzles, interlocking blocks, and materials from nature.

    for children
  • For Children (Hungarian: A Gyermekeknek) is a cycle of short piano pieces composed by Bela Bartok. The collection was originally written in 1908-11, and comprised 85 pieces which were issued in four volumes.

Manipulation Games (6-3-9) #1

Manipulation Games (6-3-9) #1

Aranea Cullen: His head turns slowly to the sound of little footsteps. He nods respectfully to the little oath maker. "Evening."

Jaina Lefevre spies the figure up on the hill, her steps slow and she thinks for a moment, then goes trudging up to meet him. "Hi mister Randulf. Can I ask you a question?"

Aranea Cullen: "Depends, do I have to promise I won't kill anyone?" He grumbles, glancing back to the taxi stand. "Speak, little one."

Jaina Lefevre giggles a little and moves closer to drop down and sit nearby. "Nuh uh. But you gots to be a Daddy-type person." She shakes her head. "Not to me though."

Aranea Cullen: His head tilts to her."Explain." he remains otherwise motionless except for rise and fall of his chest.

Jaina Lefevre sighs. "It's River. He's my bestest friend, and his Mommy-person forgots him. For a whole week. My Mama lets him sleep in our house, but he doesn't like Nanny much...and he's a boy, and boys need Daddy persons." She picks at a sock ribbon and glances up at Randulf through her bangs. "We was talking and he said if'n he had to pick a Daddy person, it'd be you, but he don't think you would want him 'cause he's not good enough or somethin'. But River really loves figured, since he's kinda shy..." and she's clearly NOT "...I'd ask for 'im."

Aranea Cullen: His head would quirk at her. "I have no real home either little one. I sleep under the stars with dirt below me.... I.... "he trails off and looks back to the taxi stand. "I'll think about it. I'm... more of a big brother type, than really a father. Last time I had children, they grew up, betrayed me and in the battle, they died and the wound is still deep in my soul. I"m not eager to take on a charge, little one... but... I'll think about it"

Jaina Lefevre shakes her head and sighs. "You 'dults 'think about it' means yer scared. And River don't like having one place he's gotta be. It's not about a /place/ Mister Randulf, it's about a /person/. If ya care about River and want him to feel like he's got someone that loves him and watches out for him, and makes it so mean peoples are -scared- to hurt him 'cause you'll make 'em I gots with Mommy and Mama...then you're a Daddy. If he gets scared and needs a hug sometimes, you do that too. It's not hard. It's just really /really/ important."

Aranea Cullen: He looks to the girl. "I try and do that as a big brother..... " He looks back to the taxi stand

Jaina Lefevre leans closer. "A big brother can disappears and ignore...and a big brother ain't /scary/. A Daddy...that's scary..."
Jaina Lefevre is using the 'do I gotta make you swear again?' voice....

Aranea Cullen: He looks at her when she uses that tone. "Ya know. you're one manipulative little bitch." He laughs.

Jaina Lefevre just smiles at him, eyes glinting. "I knowed what those words mean." She sighs. "Look, Mister Randulf. River /already/ loves you. How hard could it be?" She glances up at him, then down, to toy with her ribbon on her sock. "Or is it too hard for you and you're skeered?"

Aranea Cullen: "And now you're trying to goad me. " He shakes his head slowly. "I've been manipulated by everyone in this city.... and now a little girl?" His head makes a motion of rolling his eyes before coming to rest back upon her. "If the boy wishes me to be like a father to him, then he must come to me.... I do not interfere or intervene in the lives of those dear to me, other than to be in the background, to yes. Offer support like a big brother. I see potential in the lad but he must show his metal in approaching me. I owe him for his kindness this is true, but I will not step in possible unwanted grounds by him simply cause his best friend said he wanted me for a dad."

Mapa Casa

Mapa Casa

Inspired by family unity, Mapa Casa is a manipulative puzzle and game featuring family members, friends, children and other people formed from wood.

Mapa Casa is designed to inspire role playing and story telling as well as enhance spacial awareness, fine motor co ordination and shape recognition.

Each piece fits into a wooden home in a puzzle like way. Using circulare, tetragonal and triangular shapes there are many variations of connection. Each piece working together to form a structure just like the family unit.

Each body piece contains a steel ball, creating a sound when the pieces are shaken.

Shake them, play dominoes, build construction, use them as a bridge in other games, create a balancing structure or fit them inside their house.

There is a name plate on the back of the Mapa Casa house to be used as a reminder of family unity and as a treasure that can be passed from generation to generation.

12 big bodies and 6 small bodies plus a wooden house box.

Bodies are made of birch wood. White heads are made of hard maple. Red heads are made of benge wood. Brown heads are made of babinga wood. All wood is natural and uncoated.

Made in Japan.

Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

manipulative toys for children

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