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My Last Photo on Film "Waks Red Bike"

My Last Photo on Film

Last year (2009) I was cleaning out my Camera equipment from storage when I noticed my old film camera still had film inside. So amazed, dumbfounded, puzzled as to what images were registered in that film. I rushed to one of the few processing center still around and lo and behold, the last photograph i took using my film camera, processed and printed 10 years after, was of my son Joaquin riding his red scooter...

Sometime year 2000, I bought my son a red electric scooter, he was about 2 years old then, you could not erase the smile in his face. I got my Canon EOS SLR loaded a fresh batch of Kodak 36 shots colored film, and took some photos of Joaquin enjoying his ride. Just about 4 shots were taken. Then I just never used the camera again and totally forgot about the photos...



Film that I recently bought, and hopefully at some point soon will put in good use. :)

Half of it is expired (mostly finished and not in the photo) and rest is second hand (not used) film which is dated 2012 (but world is gonna end before that anyway xD).

single softbox from left above. -

edit well apparently that info was not enough for the strobist pool... T_T so here we go again...

Single Quadra A head with 1m octa to the left side angled slightly downwards. White reflector on the right side. What else? It still is a single softbox from left above :/

edit2 - with a skyport radio trigger... T_T

buy photo film

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