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Photo Maker Funny

photo maker funny

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This photo is a tribute to my college roommate Kricky. I've been missing her a lot lately--moreso than usual--and so I've been thinking of her and decided to do a picture for her.

This protrays one of the stories that we find the funniest from our days of living together. We lived on the eighth floor at the time. As many of you know, sleep is a precious commodity to college students. Kricky and I had a break on several days a week together so instead of enjoying sunlight or socialization, we napped in our dorm room. (We had horrible, horrible neighbors-sorority girl cokeheads-so, daytime sleep is awesome!) One day, people kept calling my stupid cell phone just about every thirty minutes and these nap were often two hours long. Once more, at noon or two or sometime, the noise again, so I grab the noise maker and say: "Hello?....Hello!" No answer. It also didn't stop making noise because it wasn't my cell phone that I was answering: it was my alarm clock.

We had a lot of really hilarious times including a chink-chink eyebrow raise, a tower of birthday cards, but more hilarious than most was Kricky's sleep talking. No one sleep talks quite like this girl. Here are some examples:

Kricky: Did you put dinosaur scraps in my bed?
Me: What?
A more frustrated Kricky: Did you put dinosaur scraps in my bed?!
A more confused me: What?!
Kricky: I got an 81!
Kricky: Don't tell mom! Telly's in trouble!
A few minutes later, Kricky: Just keep telling yourself you're okay!
Kricky: SOOOOOOZ!!!!

I can't think about these times without laughing so hard I start to cry and wheeze. I am probably missing a bunch, but she is by far the best roommate ever. She even followed me when I went to meet my then-ex-boyfriend/now-husband to discuss things and watched from a parking lot nearby. You do NOT make friends like her everyday. If I could go back to one part of college, it would be living with Kricky. When we first moved in together, I thought it was going to be a disaster. I was so unbearably shy and she just thought I hated her so we never spoke. And then she "locked me out" for a few hours one day and everything turned around.

You're joshing me

You're joshing me

This little mischief maker is my 100th photo to be Explored, and the 75h this year - Thank you everyone, sure never expected that it would happen.

Despite the arduous task of moving and not being able to find anything other than the computer, cameras and TV, we still have our sense of humor intact, even if it is aching a little. I don't watch TV so why did I let them talk me into more channels that one can watch in a year? Really only care about internet...hmmm. Anyway, my entire life is moved and it is time to go to the store and find some food - will start catching up with everyone this evening.


photo maker funny

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