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Desi Mallu Aunty Photo Gallery - Photo Gallery Software Download - Amateur Photo Contest 2011

Desi Mallu Aunty Photo Gallery

desi mallu aunty photo gallery

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Mallu at Outdoors

Mallu at Outdoors

Mallu estava entediada dentro de casa, melhor dizendo, estava CONFINADA! Como ela disse: "Sophia, por favor, me tira desse inferno!"

Dai, eu gritei la pra minha mae pegar a camera e a chave do carro. A gente foi ao Parque Barigui. E como a pequenina e muuito louca por cameras, acabei com a memoria da maquina.

Ta ai uma foto da visita da Mallu no parquinho!


Mallu was bored at home, rather, was confined! As she said: "Sophia, please get me out of this hell!"

Then I screamed for my mom there to get the camera and car keys. We went to the park Barigui. And as the little girl is sooo crazy about cameras, ended up with the machine's memory.

Yeah there's a photo tour of Mallu on the playground!



A jovem cantora Mallu Magalhaes.

Lapis, Lapis de cor aquarelavel, nankin e Photoshop.

desi mallu aunty photo gallery

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