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Photo Editing Crop. Buy Photo Booth Machine

Photo Editing Crop

photo editing crop

    photo editing
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Heads and Hands up (Best Viewed on Black)

Heads and Hands up  (Best Viewed on Black)

This photo was taken by my friend and artist Mary Ann Wakeley a year or so ago while visiting in Philadelphia, PA.
I cropped the photo and edited it.
I very much like the sculpture I am standing in front of......

photo by Mary Ann Wakeley
edit and crop by Diane Kramer aka she wolf

Sculpture by Jacob Epstein.

Photo editing, decision making

Photo editing, decision making

I am working up the ~1000 photos taken today. 790 will made a time lapsed video, from the rest i'm presorting and tagging, marking, cropping whitebalancing is done.
Above 6 cadidates.

photo editing crop

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