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The Gap Photo Contest

the gap photo contest

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YMBT Summer Photo Contest

YMBT Summer Photo Contest

Now THIS is a way to enjoy the sights, smells, wind and yes even rain during
your summer vacation!

We had been to Washington, DC for the Rolling Thunder demonstration over
Memorial Day weekend. From there we rode to the Blue Ridge Parkway at Fancy
Gap, VA and down to Boone, NC where we stayed in a GREAT Best Western motel.
Next it was over to Johnson City, TN to see my wife's college campus (East
Tennessee State Univ) and then into Knoxville, TN to visit her family.

This picture was taken somewhere on Rte. 129 in western North Carolina as we
headed through the mountains on our return to Florida. They call this
stretch of road the "Tail of the Dragon" as it has 318 curves in 11 miles!
While the wife enjoyed the scenery, I had to concentrate on the road or risk
riding off the side of the mountain!

Thanks Best Western! Every motel we have stayed in has been clean,
convenient, and the people are warm and friendly.

contest code: BWymbtpc.819.45

Movin' on Down the Line

Movin' on Down the Line

Three trailing Burlington Northern Santa Fe engines pushing a 60 car train fully loaded with low-sulfur coal through the Ozarks hills. The train had stopped to allow the passage of another train, and was just getting up speed, about 30 mph. Taken at Cedar Gap, Missouri.

Last weekend's photo contest: I entered my Greer Spring photo and my Topaz Mill photo. Greer Spring won First Place and Topaz Mill won Third Place. Several contestants brought in STACKS of framed photos, so I guess there wasn't any limit to how many photos one could enter. : ) There were a LOT of great photos there!

the gap photo contest

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