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Sensitive Formula For Babies. Baby Vitamin D.

Sensitive Formula For Babies

sensitive formula for babies

    for babies
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sensitive formula for babies - Ilumina Organics

Ilumina Organics Head To Toe Baby Wash, Sensitive Skin Formula, 8.0-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)

Ilumina Organics Head To Toe Baby Wash, Sensitive Skin Formula, 8.0-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)

Our baby wash is extremely gentle. It is formulated for baby's very sensitive skin...and hair too! No harsh synthetic surfactants at all! This product does not contain phthalates like other major brands do. Skin, their first line of defense, we'll treat it gently. Moms and babies love this extra gentle wash. Use with confidence knowing there are no harsh surfactants within that could weaken babies skin, their first line of defense. Made with all organic ingredients, our head-to-toe baby wash is gentle won't irritate baby's skin and eyes. Packaged in a BPA-free and estrogenic-free bottle.

78% (18)

How about shopping for your cute Infant???

How about shopping for your cute Infant???

Deeply Nourish - Hot Oil for Very Dry Hair

Conditioning treatment for very dry or treated hair leaving hair shiny and healthy looking. 15 ml.

Code: 1636
Rs. 39

Coconut & Ricemilk Nourishing Conditioner

Replenish dry hair and nourish it back to health with a natural, bountiful conditioner that blends the hydrating, nurturing qualities of creamy coconut oil and rice milk. 200ml.

Code: 4034
Rs. 149

Coconut & Ricemilk Nourishing Shampoo

Inspire your dry hair with a lavish, indulgent shampoo with exquisite natural extracts of coconut oil and rice milk to hydrate, nurture and condition. 200ml.

Code: 4035
Rs. 149

Peppermint & Cranberries Purifying Shampoo

Cleansing, purifying shampoo with aromatic natural extracts that leaves hair nourished and gorgeous-looking. 200ml.

Code: 7039
Rs. 149

Baby Oil

Wonderfully mild Baby Oil for delicate skin. Perfect for a relaxing massage while connecting with your baby. Enriched with calming Linden extract and Vitamin E. Allergen free and dermatologically tested formula especially formulated for sensitive skin. 150ml.

Code: 12762
Rs. 229

Baby Hair & Body Wash

Gentle 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash for delicate skin. Mild, soap-free formulation means no more tears at bath time. Creamy, foaming properties with Linden extract will leave baby's hair and skin feeling clean and soft. Dermatologically tested. 250 ml.

Code: 12763
Rs. 279

Baby Bedtime Bath

Soothing bath gel perfect for baby's sensitive skin. Mild, soap-free formulation containing Linden extracts and Cedarwood oil, known to have calming and relaxing properties. 250ml.

Code: 12767
Rs. 298

Baby Talc

Soft Talcum Powder, dermatologically tested for delicate skin. Helps keep baby bottoms dry and comfortable. Soft and soothing formula with Linden extract. Allergen free. 75g.

Code: 12772
Rs. 99

Baby Cleansing Bar

Ultra mild Cleansing Bar for baby's sensitive skin (and yours, too). With glycerine and Linden extract, well-known for its calming effects. Gentle formula clinically tested to protect delicate pH balance. 75g.

Code: 12777
Rs. 59

BOOSTING SHAMPOO with Kiwi & Orange

Volume-boosting shampoo with juicy citrus extracts. Combined with ceramide technology, helps to volumise the hair. 200ml.

Code: 13262
Rs. 149


Volume-boosting conditioner with juicy citrus extracts. Helps to leave hair soft and manageable without build-up effect. For easy, combable hair. 200ml.

Code: 13267
Rs. 149

Baby Refreshing Lotion 250ml

Code: 13768
Rs. 249

AB Baby

AB Baby

1.6 FL.OZ. ($30.00)

AB baby is a chemical-free sunscreen with SPF 30 specially formulated for the sensitive skin of babies and children starting at six months old. The moisturizing formula takes effect immediately – so there’s no waiting for the protection to start working to stop sunburn and provide extreme UVA/UVB protection. With vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract, AB baby provides the highest level of broad-spectrum protection available. It’s your baby’s best defense against the sun, with all in one protection. Because it’s never too early to protect your skin.


* SPF 30
* Chemical-Free
* Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
* With Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract
* Moisturizes While It Protects
* Prevents Sun Damage
* Ideal Sun-protection for the Face and Body

sensitive formula for babies

sensitive formula for babies

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Oral Sensitive 30 Formula, 6-Pound Bag

Some cats have a bucco-dental sensitivity. Two out of three cats are affected, and these mouth and tooth disorders often result in bad breath. Giving your cat's teeth a daily brushing is the most effective solution for combating dental plaque and for combating the buildup of tartar. But the appropriate food can also be a convenient way to promote healthy oral hygiene. Size and texture promote chewing, produce a mechanical brushing effect and reduce ingestion rate; purified cellulose stimulates the kibble breakdown in the alimentary tract to reduce the risk of vomiting. A kibble whose shape and flexible texture produce a mechanical brushing effect on dental plaque and tartar deposits when chewed and a supply of chelated calcium compounds to help limit tartar formation and promote good oral hygiene. An exclusive combination of viscous and insoluble fibers (Psyllium) improves intestinal transit and promote the elimination of hairballs. Ergonomic kibble size and texture promote chewing and reduce the food ingestion rate, and purified cellulose stimulates the breakdown of the kibbles in the alimentary tract; therefore the risk of vomiting is reduced. Available in 6 lbs.

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