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Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas For Boys : Ocean Bathroom Decor

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas For Boys

birthday cake decorating ideas for boys

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Ryan's 18th birthday

Ryan's 18th birthday

This is a simple cake I made for my son's close friend who turned 18 today! I didn't have ANY ideas of how I wanted to decorate it, when I opened up my wilton tool box I saw a paper napkin that I saved because I thought it would make a great design for a cake, so that's what I did!
{ I think it's SO hard making cakes for teenaged boys}
this is an 8 inch white cake with oreo cookie buttercream. Frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant circles and edible "confetti"....the number '18' on top is gumpaste with a tiny bit of gum tragacanth mixed into it so that it would set up more quickly...I used my funky tappits to cut out the numbers, using two layers for each number, sandwiched, with a small wire in between, then painted with vodka & americolors gel!
I'm not posting photo because it's particularly special, but I decided to work on my piping skills....and it's a good way to track my progress, ( or lack thereof)
I'm not a fan of piping on anything, I would rather NOT do a cake if it means that my only method of decorating is buttercream piping!! I'm hoping that with a little bit of patience, and a LOT of practice, I'll at least get to a point that I don't absolutely LOATHE piping.... {but I really doubt it}!!~~

Cars inspired cake with matching cuppies

Cars inspired cake with matching cuppies

What can I say....I love the whole "inspired" design element. It's fun to turn round cakes into a recognizable theme.

Again I had no real idea what I was going to do until I began decorating....boys cakes do it to me every time!! Then it came to me....what if I did a Mater inspired tier and a lightning inspired tier and together the become Frankin-car...lol

I finally have been busting out the airbrush more. I airbrushed maters finish and sad to say Lightnings too....although I think I should have gone heavier. I airbrushed him with red luster. I was going for his retro look with his glitter paint job. Had lots of fun =D Ka Chow!

birthday cake decorating ideas for boys

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