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Last minute hotel stays : Budget host coach inn : Motel 8.

Last Minute Hotel Stays

last minute hotel stays

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"Outstanding service with a smile”
A first time visitor to Marrakech might be overwhelmed at first. It is a feast for the senses. Oliver and his staff make sure you enjoy each to its fullest. We were picked up at the airport to be taken right to the hotel and our room. Check in was on the terrace with our first taste of Moroccan tea, something we would come to savor several times a day at Dar Najat. Oliver greeted us personally and his staff explained the use a cell phone for our use during our stay in case of getting lost or an emergency. We then were escorted to Djemaa El Fna to get our bearings. Dar Najat enjoys a perfect location for the sights of Marrakech and this personally escorted walk was extremely helpful.
Our room "Walida", was comfortable. The decor was an exotic mix of Northern African influence (The sink was beautiful!) Other than breakfast, we only ate one meal there; a salad of avocado, tomato, onion, and celery, freshly prepared for an impromtu late lunch. It was delicous. Breakfast will start your day properly. Breads and croissants with jam, coffee or tea, followed by Moroccan pancakes, an omelet, and finally "the best in the world", freshly squeezed orange juice.
A computer was available for guests, which proved invaluable for those affected by the volcanic ash delays.
Evenings lounging on the top terrace were pure bliss; looking at the stars, hearing the distant sounds of the Djemaa El Fna, the call to prayer, and children playing in the street.
Thank you so much to Oliver and his staff (including the resident turtle, right outside our room). It was a visit we shall never forget.

Best place in morroco,riad marrakech-dar najat

Best place in morroco,riad marrakech-dar najat

“The BEST PLACE TO STAY IN MARRAKESH”We overslept the first day after a 36 hour, no sleep trip, and awoke at noon to fresh breakfast: chocolate croissants, eggs, coffee, fresh squeezed OJ (you could hear the machine making it, seconds later, it was in your hands.) Fresh Moroccan bread with jams and butter. It felt like staying at a dear relative's house where you could do your own thing and relax or go out all day and come back to a warm and sincere welcome. The staff cannot be praised enough. Most of all, we had such fun with them as people - and Oliver, the owner made sure every need was taken care of. Including your own cell phone to take with you during your stay in case you needed anything or got lost in the souks! His number plus other staffers were on speed dial. The Riad had the smokey colors of Africa - both dark browns and bleached beiges, very earthy, just like the Riad along with great tilework and Arabeque arches. Very close to the Djemma al Fna, and we were given a personal walk to the very place on the first day. Nothing is left to chance. If it's your first time in Morocco, don't worry, Oliver and his Riad staff take care of everything. The food for dinner, if you stayed in, was outstanding! Unbelievable tangines made by the wonderful Sakina and Toria. Outstanding service and fun times with Said, Amine, Aissam (aka Jerry Lewis), Souad and Oliver. If you are really lucky, you will get to meet the wonderful mother of Oliver, and Oliver's little dog pal, Browny, who is reserved and very gentlemanly. We miss everyone at Riad Dar Najat, more than words can say!

last minute hotel stays

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