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Food For Babies 6 Months

food for babies 6 months

    for babies
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343 366 - time for mush?

343 366 - time for mush?

Cyrus is 26 weeks today! Happy half birthday baby boy.

I think he's been ready for weaning for a while but I've waited till the recommended 6 months not just because i'm a goody goody [although I am] but also because I found weaning hard work and boring with violet so was in no hurry to move on from milk. Having said that he's a very different baby and is literally gobbling everything up. i've not pureed anything - fork mashed only and he probably ate a mummy bear sized bowl of porridge for breakfast [I've shunned the first tastes, well, at least not at breakfast].

So, here we are 6 months down the line and I can honestly say that I've really enjoyed it [and still am]. He doesn't sleep through, but I really don't mind I cherish those night feeds where i can snle up to my boy. He used to keep me awake for a good hour between 4-5am and i just used to lie there smiling at him. Sounds crap i know but they really were special times - mother and baby times where the housework and other mundane chores cannot intrude.

So farewell baby boy and hello my food eating monster. I KNOW you will be sleeping through by the weekend...he he he

i want to feed myself!

i want to feed myself!

She started going for the spoon starting with day 2 of food. So far it's not a big deal to share the spoon with her (or we give her her own to "use" while we feed).

food for babies 6 months

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