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Pictures Of Wooden Toys : Age Appropriate Toys For 2 Year Olds.

Pictures Of Wooden Toys

pictures of wooden toys

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Wooden tray.

Wooden tray.

Finally my own wooden LEGO item and a nice one at that:)
Like someone said, I'll use it to store my slotted 2x4 bricks in.
A fitting place to keep them.

This box was used by Toy-shop owners to sell loose LEGO parts (1953-54) .
Kids could simply rummage through the parts and search for the parts they wanted.
So for all you out there who like PAB, this was one of the first PAB boxes out there:)

Gary I. : This wooden box is know as 700K/4 (4 partitions). It also comes in a larger size known as 700K/5 (5 partitions). Danish retailers sold individual bricks and ABB as well as tall classic windows/doors from these boxes, where the individual parts were dumped in them. There was a large mixed box of ABB and tall classic windows/doors known as 700B/C that could be ordered by the retailer from TLG... and the contents of these mixed reorder boxes would be dumped into the wooden 4 or 5 partition boxes for individual sales to children.
Box measurements: 39 x 19 x 7 cm

Compartments: 17.5 width x 15 cm / x 7.7 cm / x 7.5 cm / x 5.3 cm

Thickness o/t wood: 0.7 cm

Flying Cow Wooden Mobile Toy

Flying Cow Wooden Mobile Toy

Mollie the Flying Cow is a wooden hand crafted toy and unique kinetic mobile

The only way to do the awesomeness of this toy justice is to include a video of the two-year-old who received this as a present. Since I don't have that, you'll have to settle for a description. Picture a little girl in a frilly white party dress, little blond pigtails, and an expression of complete joy and overwhelming excitement on her face. When we demonstrated the cow to her, she waved her hands wildly and squealed "FLYING COW! FLYING COW! Can I pet... THE COW?!?!"
She absolutely loves it and thinks her Auntie Treska is just about the coolest thing ever for getting it. Thank you so much for making such a fantastic (and incredibly well-made) toy!

pictures of wooden toys

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