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8 Person Dining Room Table. Picture Frame Coffee Table. Average Dining Table Height.

8 Person Dining Room Table

8 person dining room table

    dining room
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8 person dining room table - Amazonia 8

Amazonia 8 Person Dining Set

Amazonia 8 Person Dining Set

BT SQUARE SET Great Quality, elegantly designed patio set, made of solid eucalyptus wood. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Enjoy your patio with style with this great set from the Amazonia outdoor collection. -Includes 1 Square table 58'' W x 58'' D x 29'' H; 8 Stacking armchairs 23'' W x 20'' D x 35'' H; FSC certified eucalyptus wood. -Solid eucalyptus wood and galvanized steel hardware. -Brown color. -FSC certified. -9 individual pieces. -Free Feron's Wood Sealer/Preservative for longest durability. Penetrating oil that works great against the effects of air pollution salt air, and mildew growth. For best protection, perform this maintenance every season or as often as desired. -Great functionality. -Some assembly required. -9 individual boxes shipped on 1 pallet.

87% (9)

2009 01 24 (emptying)

2009 01 24 (emptying)

today people came to take my table and futon. i'm still waiting on the person who wanted the desk; she was supposed to come at 8 AM this morning, didn't show up, called at 11, asked to come at 12, didn't show up, hasn't called back. i am flabbergasted by this behavior.

once the futon was gone, i cleaned out the front room. those little piles of trash you see are all that's left. well, and the stuff on the window sill. but i have no idea how to pack the my chemical romance collector's edition coffin and mask. one of the books is going in an overnight bag for me to read, and the other is going to moose. and there's a skein of yarn there that will eventually be balled and used to make a wedding gift for my sister.

so now the back room and front room and dining room are all finished. i am so way ahead of schedule. tomorrow, though, i get rid of the couch. that makes me sad, because this is the most comfortable couch i've ever sat on. i sleep on it every single night, and have done for almost as long as i've lived here, futon be damned.

i won't have to sleep on the floor, though! no, i have a camp bed that i bought from an army/navy surplus store. it's not very comfortable, but it's better than the floor. well, sometimes it's better than the floor.

five days until i move. i'm extremely impatient, but i feel a lot better with the biggest pieces of furniture gone -- i feel a lot better with all the bags of clothing and linen in one closet, and all the boxes in another.

my big huge goal for tomorrow, besides get the couch out, is to take out all the trash. taking out the trash is not a big deal, but for some reason i really hate doing it and it makes me really anxious. i haven't really delved into why i have these feelings about bags of garbage because, frankly, i don't really care. all i know is that i dislike doing it. but it doesn't matter! once i take out all the trash, my apartment will be so much cleaner. it must be done!

also tomorrow: brunch at 10 with annie and steph at bevo, which is a windmill. they make excellent breakfast potatoes, and this omelet with avocado that is divine.

Vienna Marriott Hotel - Park Suite

Vienna Marriott Hotel - Park Suite

Be pampered in one of our largest suites, our Park Suite. A separate living and sleeping room make your stay more comfortable. The furnishings include a dining table for up to 8 persons and 2 cozy sofas.

8 person dining room table

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8 person dining room table
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