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Dark Teal Rug

dark teal rug

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Dining Room

Dining Room

Another view... the paint is really dark but this room gets tons of direct sunlight so it's only DARK in the evenings when I like things dark and cozy. The rug in here coordinates with the rug in the living room - same colors exactly except this one plays up the golden tan/wheat and muted greens with dusty teal blue and a deep red as background colors. Matches the curtains well. Close-up of the curtains forthcoming...

LAKESIDE BLUE -- Hand-woven rug

LAKESIDE BLUE -- Hand-woven rug

This hand-woven rug features a variety of shades of blue, from navy to robin's egg, with a touch of teal in between. It is woven in my signature "diminishing colors" design, where colors fade from dark to light to dark again.

dark teal rug

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