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Grass Carpet

grass carpet

  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

  • form a carpet-like cover (over)

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

  • Cover (an area of ground) with grass

  • shoot down, of birds

  • Inform the police of criminal activity or plans

  • Feed (livestock) with grass

  • narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay

  • cover with grass; "The owners decided to grass their property"

grass carpet - Native Ferns,

Native Ferns, Moss, and Grasses: From Emerald Carpet to Amber Wave, Serene and Sensuous Plants for theGarden

Native Ferns, Moss, and Grasses: From Emerald Carpet to Amber Wave, Serene and Sensuous Plants for theGarden

With this new book, William Cullina completes his three-book series on native plants. Like Wildflowers and Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines, Native Ferns, Moss and Grasses combines encyclopedic information about North American species with specific instructions on how to grow and propagate them, all written in a fresh and entertaining style.
Cullina compares a garden made up of nothing but bright flowers to the detergent shelves in a supermarket, where every package screams for attention. What makes a true garden out of a collection of flowering plants are the ferns, moss, and grasses that are the verdant canvas on which nature paints its portraits -- dark green, medium green, forest green, light green, lime green, yellow-green, blue-green, gray-green, chartreuse, emerald, teal, puce, and every shade of green in between. These plants, Cullina says, bring to the garden a level of refinement and sophistication unmatched by any flower.
On the practical side, Native Ferns, Moss and Grasses contains a thorough discussion, with several maps, of what plant hardiness means in the light of global warming. For each species, he also gives the natural range, type of soil, and habitat in which the plant thrives. In the back he provides complete information on where to buy these plants and list of the best species for various uses.

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Flying Grass Carpet in Rotterdam

Flying Grass Carpet in Rotterdam

Flying grass Carpet at Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam from August 15 - September 15 2008, in the back the Westin Hotel.

Flying Grass Carpet

Flying Grass Carpet

Flying Grass Carpet during the 'Kunstvlaai' Art Fair, Amsterdam. Photo: Eddy Kaijser.

grass carpet

grass carpet


Grass, narrated by actor/activist Woody Harrelson, takes a highly spirited and innovative look into one of America's most deeply rooted cultural myths: the evils of "pot", "cannabis", "weed", "dubich", "doobie", "shrub", or whatever man. From the story of America's first drug czar, to the absurd scare tactics behind propaganda films like Reefer Madness, and Marijuana: Threat or Menace, director Ron Mann (Comic Book Confidential, Twist) poignantly and humorously exposes the social, political and economic facts behind this enduring weed, and the extent to which it has profoundly shaped our culture.

Consider this a documentary for those who inhaled. Ron Mann's playful portrait of marijuana in America is less a social history than an examination of the government's systematic seven-decade campaign to demonize the devil's weed: the conspiracy against cannabis! Through government documents, period newsreels, and clips from hysterical educational scare films and campy overheated features (like High on the Range and the cult classic Reefer Madness), Mann reveals a systematic policy of misinformation to (he argues) justify the billions spent on the losing war on drugs. Well researched if one-sided and occasionally questionable in its own assertions (aren't there any side effects to this wonder weed?), this witty history lesson is charged with raucous energy and a satirical slant. Mann and his easygoing narrator Woody Harrelson may be preaching to the converted, but it's a hilarious sermon. Pass the munchies! --Sean Axmaker

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