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72mm Infrared Filter

72mm infrared filter

    infrared filter
  • Infrared cut-off filters, sometimes called IR filters or heat-absorbing filters, are designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths while passing visible light.

Tokina AF353 35-300mm

Tokina AF353 35-300mm

Extraordinary wide angle to long telephoto zoom for Pentax 35mm and Digital SLR cameras (see below), with auto or manual focusing

* Quality Tokina AF lens
* Long 35-300mm zoom
* Multicoated SD glass
* Auto or manual focusing
* Automatic diaphragm
* Full aperture metering
* All exposure modes OK
* For Pentax AF 35mm
* For Pentax Digital SLR
* For Samsung GX DSLR
* Fits Pentax K, M, PK, KA
* Solid, metal construction

Tokina is one of the top Japanese independent lens manufacturers, and this is a very long range zoom lens for Pentax bayonet mount 35mm and Digital SLR cameras, and the related Samsung GX models. It has SD, multicoated glass, auto or manual focusing, and is in excellent condition, boxed and complete with instructions and lens caps.

It covers an incredible range of focal lengths from 35mm wide angle, though 50mm standard, 85mm portrait, 135mm short tele all the way up to 200mm and 300mm telephoto, plus of course all the focal lengths in between. It's a great range for sports, candids, wildlife, landscapes, travelling and many other subjects. The zoom ring has a lock to hold the lens at the 35mm setting when it's being carried.

Used on Pentax and Samsung Digital SLR cameras you get even longer effective focal lengths, equivalent to 52.5-450mm! The SR (Shake Reduction) feature works on the K10D, K100D and GX-10 to reduce camera shake at slow shutter speeds.

Auto or manual focusing to 2.5m at all focal lengths. Distances are clearly marked in feet and meters, with infrared indexes. The manual focusing ring works quickly (with a rotation of only around 90 degrees) and like the zoom ring has a ridged rubber grip for easy handling. The focusing ring turns the "correct" way for Pentax cameras - anti-clockwise from infinity to close up.

Auto diaphragm and full aperture metering, compatible with all exposure and metering modes (see below). Maximum aperture is f/4.5-6.7, and the lens stops down to a very small f/32-45 for maximum depth of field. As the lens has an aperture ring, it's fully compatible with older and newer AF cameras, as well as manual focus PK and KA models. Half stops are provided down to f/22, and the A (Auto) setting has a lock for program and shutter priority auto modes.

Tokina SD (Super low-Dispersion) optical design, for reduced aberrations and improved picture quality. Multicoated (MC) glass for improved contrast and reduced flare against the light. Standard 72mm filter thread, plus external bayonet fitting for Tokina lens hood (not included), though a screw in hood can also be used. Optical construction is 17 elements in 14 groups.

This lens is beautifully made (in Japan), with a solid, metal barrel and lens mount, clear markings and a very high standard of fit and finish. It's quite compact for a 300mm zoom at only 115mm (4.25 inches) long at its smallest settings on the camera, and weighs a reassuring 675g. Tokina model number AF353.

Image courtesy Heritage Cameras

Marchhill House IR01 (B&W)

Marchhill House IR01 (B&W)

An experimental infrared image with a recently bought Canon G10 to determine handheld infrared capabilities.
Auto WB ISO 800 1/4 sec at f/2.8.
77mm Suntec R72 filter 72>77 step up adapter on 72mm accessory tube.
Converted to black and white in PS2 using channel mixer and curves/levels.
First impressions seem favourable although high ISO results in some chroma noise which can be seen in the original colour version. This can be removed with software but I usually add some grain for film effect anyway.

72mm infrared filter

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