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Cheap Wood Table. Glass Covers For Tables.

Cheap Wood Table

cheap wood table

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Another 600 pager...Written in 92, this is a bit like a book version of The Wire - though a decade before that series existed. It looks at a lot of the same issues of drugs in US cities and the impact it has on those in the communities. Its very much plot and character driven and looks at the dynamics between drug dealers, the community and the police in a fictional part of New Jersey. A well worked plot and pacy story, bearing in mind the length of it, this is well written stuff and very much recommended.

It has made me very intrigued about the film. I really like a lot of Spike Lee's stuff, but never got round to watching Clockers....a cheap DVD purchase coming up I think. A couple of the actors from Clockers also appeared in The Wire...which should be suitably confusing.

Oh yeah,cheap wacthes,that's what I like !!

Oh yeah,cheap wacthes,that's what I like !!

3 fantastic,stunnig work of manual craftmanship Timex watches. Notice two of them are identical,but payed 2 different prices. Once the battery runs out is not even worth to replace it...

cheap wood table

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