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70mm film camera. Camera stores melbourne cbd. Pinhole camera theory.

70mm Film Camera

70mm film camera

    film camera
  • Photographic film is a sheet of plastic (polyester, nitrocellulose or cellulose acetate) coated with an emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide salts (bonded by gelatin) with variable crystal sizes that determine the sensitivity, contrast and resolution of the film.

  • The motion picture exhibition format that contains 6-track magnetic sound. In use primarily from 1955 to 1971, 70mm films usually made use of camera equipment manufactured by Todd-AO and Panavision.

  • 70 mm film (or 65 mm film) is a wide high-resolution film gauge, with higher resolution than standard 35 mm motion picture film format. As used in camera, the film is wide. For projection, the original 65 mm film is printed on film.

70mm film camera - Tamron AF

Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 SP Di VC USD XLD for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 SP Di VC USD XLD for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

In the pursuit to achieve the most outstanding image resolution in the 70-300mm class, Tamron's Anniversary lens - the SP AF70-300mm F4-5.6 Di VC USD - utilizes an advanced optical design that features an LD (Low Dispersion) and an XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) lens element made from specialized materials that prevent chromatic aberration. As a result, the SP AF70-300mm F4-5.6 Di VC USD boasts sharper contrast and greater descriptive performance than all others in its class.
In addition, it is the first Tamron lens sporting a USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive), Tamron's very own ultrasonic auto-focus drive mechanism. This USD mechanism delivers fast focusing, making it a perfect telephoto zoom choice for photographing sports, racing, or other fast-moving subjects. The lens also boasts Tamron's proprietary VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization to assist in hand-held photography, not only at long focal length ranges where blurring is common, but also under low-lit conditions, dramatically enhancing photographic freedom. This combination of best in class image resolution, Ultrasonic Silent Drive and Vibration Compensation is a new achievement of Tamron technology, culminating in the production of a premium 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens.

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Nikon N80 (film camera) Kata Element Cover E-702

Nikon N80 (film camera) Kata Element Cover E-702

Great Christmas gift. It's a bag that allows for picture taking in inclement weather. Works great. Inside is my Nikon N80 film camera with a 70mm-300mm lens. The arm sleeves can be tightened, theopening for the lens barrel can be tightened and velcroed. The camera fits inside the zipper top. If you want to put it on a tripod, you can make the zipper top, the bottom and attach the camera to the tripod. I used it today in very rainy weather. It works flawlessly. The viewfinder is easy to see and compose through the clear plastic bag. Great gift that can be had for about $50.

tour staff

tour staff

He is Mongol, and is a mechanic of the motorcycle. We were indebted to him every day.

NIkon Zoom 310 / 35-70mm Macro
film compact camera taken in 1999.

70mm film camera

70mm film camera

Samsung Maxima 70GL Power Zoom 35mm Camera

Samsung Maxima Zoom 70GL Battery. This is a 3 Volt, Lithium Battery . Dimensions: 1.05 x 0.60 x 0.60. 100% OEM compatible.

Samsung's Maxima Zoom 70GL is a fully automatic, 35mm point-and-shoot with a built-in 2x power zoom lens and a real-image zoom viewfinder. The Zoom 70GL uses an active infrared autofocus system and includes a built-in electronic flash and Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-in, and Flash-off modes. Film loading, advancing, and rewinding are all automatic, and midroll film rewind is possible. Both date imprinting and self-timing are optional. After three idle minutes, the Zoom 70Gl turns itself off to preserve battery life.

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