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Bengali beautiful girl photo - Photo slideshow free download.

Bengali Beautiful Girl Photo

bengali beautiful girl photo

    beautiful girl
  • Beautiful Girl is a 2003 film directed by Douglas Barr and starring Marissa Jaret Winokur, Mark Consuelos and Fran Drescher. It is a story about Becca Wasserman, a plus-sized girl who has a great singing talent.

  • "Beautiful Girl" was the fifth, internationally released single from the 1992 album Welcome to Wherever You Are, by Australian rock band INXS. The song was written by Andrew Farriss who was inspired to write this by the birth of his newly born baby daughter.

  • (Beautiful Girls (Desperate Housewives)) "Beautiful Girls" is the 56th episode of the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives. It was also the ninth episode of the show's third season. It was written by Dahvi Waller and Susan Nirah Jaffee and directed by David Grossman.

  • of or relating to or characteristic of Bengal or its people; "Bengali hills"

  • The Indic language of Bangladesh and West Bengal

  • A native of Bengal

  • an ethnic group speaking Bengali and living in Bangladesh and eastern India

  • (Hinduism) a member of a people living in Bangladesh and West Bengal (mainly Hindus)

  • A photo finish

  • Photo is a French magazine about photography, published monthly by Hachette Filipacchi Medias. It is mostly focused on artistic aspects of photography rather than technical aspects. The editorial line is mostly oriented toward fashion and nude photography.

  • PHOTO was the name of an American photographic magazine geared towards men. It was published monthly by the Official Magazine Corporation beginning in June 1952.

  • A photograph

  • photograph: a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material

tagged :):)

tagged :):)

i hve been tagged for a while by sangita....

1. contrary to popular belief , flickr has been the best thing since i have started using the internet , i spend most of my time seeing pictures .

2. beacuse my study books make me yawn and helps me go into a sweet reverie . i love my books and thus with the excuse of studying i do a lot of day dreaming during that time . the chances of getting caught thus gets almost nullified .. i love my studies for that sole reason ... :P:P sounds weird .. i know !!

3. i am often caught into attacks of vigorous mood swings , so sometimes i feel like talking nonsense for hours on end and the very next moment i may go dumb and dreamy . i dont trust my mood very much .

4. my cellphone dose not work for those whose calls i dont want to attend and for the rest very few its working absolutly fine ...(sometimes my phone dose not even work for my closest pals when i am under attacks of mood swings)

5. i love to watch the theatre road, with the lovely noen lights glowing down below and the cars flashing past , from the top of a high rise on a rainy night for hours on end .

6 . on stormy nights i love sitting by my window with a cup of coffee , a dim yellow light glowing softly and an instrumental playing through my speakers ...

7. i dream of being the proud owner of the world largest private library of story books .

8. i have recently fallen in love with a beautiful girl , who is dark complexioned (thats a must) , has waist length hair with some curls, with eyes resembling the paintings of jamini roy and of the typical 19th century bengali household type ... and i am still in search of someone who complies to this above description ...

9. i love reading sherlock holmes again and again and again .. just cant help it !! he says whatever the brain gains in the way of thinking is lost in the way of digestion .. and i follow him on this because i hate eating .. its such a waste of energy

10 . this is the best point . i love my dad , he is the best friend i have , i spend
most of my time with my dad .. though i keep a huge company of friends still i dont indulge much with them , instead i do it with my dad , i like talking about him and thats the best topic i can keep talking on 4 long hours at a stretch ....

and as amit bhaiya (neetaphoto) says ... do i need to say about photography ??? well there's nothing really to tell .... :):)
well i guess i have fared well writing these 10 points ...

believe me i dont have much work these days so doing these odd bits ...:):)

people in this photo are tagged byt me :):) lets continue this lovely games friends ...

Relativity of Time [..Dhaka, Bangladesh..]

Relativity of Time [..Dhaka, Bangladesh..]

Shadarghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2008.

Time is entirely personal.

Like this toiled sailor,
As we sleep, our time sleeps with us.
One dream of hundred years lasts actually for a few seconds.
One intolerable day seems a year.

...And, well, a beautiful girl can make one hour fly away in a minute.

As Einstein said.......it's relative to our individual selves.

Captured from the Bank of Buriganga River, Shadarghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A boatman is taking a short nap.

All rights reserved. Do not use this or any other photo in my photostream, without my permission. If u want to use any of the photos in this stream, send a flickrmail, or mail to monir.micro[at]gmail.com seeking permission.

bengali beautiful girl photo

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