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Blue Rota Wheels : Custom Wheels For Harley.

Blue Rota Wheels

blue rota wheels

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine

  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events

  • (wheel) a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)

  • (wheel) change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground

  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering

  • blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"

  • Blue clothes or material

  • of the color intermediate between green and violet; having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky; "October's bright blue weather"- Helen Hunt Jackson; "a blue flame"; "blue haze of tobacco smoke"

  • Blue color or pigment

  • turn blue

  • A blue uniform, or a person wearing a blue uniform, such as a police officer or a baseball umpire

  • In Norse mythology, Rota is a valkyrie. Rota is attested in chapter 36 of the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning, where she is mentioned alongside the valkyries Gunnr and Skuld, and the three are described as "always [riding] to choose who shall be slain and to govern the killings."Faulkes (1995:31).

  • A list showing when each of a number of people has to do a particular job

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Mike's TSX

Mike's TSX

A few more pictures of Mike's TSX from down at the shore during the weekend of Time Attack. Had them sitting waiting to go online but forgot to put them up before dealing with the time attack pics so just putting them up now.



Red, black, gold, silver, green, blue....the list is never ending on the colour variations for the ROTA GT3. Honda Civic looks mean on the reds shown here though.

blue rota wheels

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Grant Steering Wheels Cheap

grant steering wheels cheap

    steering wheels
  • A wheel that a driver rotates in order to steer a vehicle

  • (steering wheel) a handwheel that is used for steering

  • (Steering wheel (ship)) The wheel of a ship is the modern method of adjusting the angle of the rudder, in turn changing the direction of the boat or ship. It is also called the helm, together with the rest of the steering mechanism.

  • (Steering Wheel) Formerly, a round leather-covered steel wheel with which the driver would manipulate a car’s front wheels in order to steer the automobile.

  • A legal conveyance or formal conferment

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Hyundai Accent "Blue"

Hyundai Accent

By far the most basic car at the entire show. This thing didn't even have a radio (!), let alone air conditioning, power windows/mirrors/locks, tilt steering wheel, cruise control, automatic transmission, or any of those other things we usually take for granted these days.

The Accent "Blue" is a stripped-down trim level introduced for 2010 to boost sales in these tough economic times. It stickers for only $9,970, making it the cheapest car in the US. The "Blue" is available in very limited colors, has a single option (A/C, which adds $1,000 to the price) and can be ordered only in 3-door manual trans configuration.

Who says you can't buy simple, no-frills transportation anymore?

Grant Petersen's Rivendell

Grant Petersen's Rivendell

Stolen off the old Riv site. The bike has great dimensions an d really smart looking components.

Original text:
Grant's bike from the side. If Rivendell has a "stock color," then it's the light blue metallic shown here. This LongLow has sidepull brakes, mostly because they're easy to adjust. The TA crank is set up as a crossover triple with tight gearing in back. This bike has seen all sorts of riding, and I think it's Grant's favorite road-ride bike. This one has a prototype of the led stem on it. Note the lack of any logos visible from the side - well, except for the TA logo and our downtube decal.

grant steering wheels cheap

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5th Wheel Training Institute - Rockstar Wheels For Sale - Aftermarket Truck Wheels.

5th Wheel Training Institute

5th wheel training institute

    training institute
  • (Training Institutes) There is a famous Government Recognised Institute for imparting knowledge of Typing, Shorthand and Computer Applications - called 'Abhyankar Institute' at Dahanu Fort, run by Principal, Mr.

  • The term study circle has become common terminology in the Baha'i Faith to describe a specific type of gathering for the study of the Baha'i teachings, with an emphasis on "promoting the well-being of humanity."

  • a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground

  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events

  • change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"

  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering

  • 5 (five) is a number, numeral, and glyph. It is the natural number following 4 and preceding 6.

  • fifth: coming next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position

  • The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. Its guarantees stem from English common law which traces back to the Magna Carta in 1215.

5th wheel training institute - Culinary Boot

Culinary Boot Camp: Five Days of Basic Training at The Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Boot Camp: Five Days of Basic Training at The Culinary Institute of America

Discover the secrets of The Culinary Institute of America?s popular week-long "Boot Camp" course -- five days of dynamic, hands-on instruction in cooking basics that help teach the non-professional cook to think like a chef -- with Julia Child Award-winning cookbook author Martha Rose Shulman. Combining Shulman?s entertaining and compelling narrative with a wealth of invaluable culinary information, you'll take a "step up" in the kitchen with this vicarious adventure through basic training at one of the country?s finest professional cooking schools.
DAY 1: "Our 'drill sergeant' comes into the room and writes his name on the board. He wears the CIA staff jacket, a green name badge, and the chef's kerchief around his neck, which he later shows us how to tie. 'YOU ARE MINE!' he says with a sly smile on his face, and we know that he's going to give us the guidance we need. He'll be strict, but kind."
DAY 2: "Until I went to Boot Camp, I was never very comfortable around (or succeessful with) lots of hot oil in a pan. That was all about to change."
DAY 3: "One of the most important terms for dry heat cooking is 'carryover cooking.' Carryover cooking refers to the fact that heat penetrates meat from the outside to the inside, and when you remove it from the oven, the meat will continue to cook. That's why it must rest, during which time the carryover cooking continues, the temperature equalizes, and the juices relax and flow through the meat."
DAY 4: "Our dessert was a Warm Dark Chocolate Pudding Cake, and it was served with a glass of Quady Elysium from Madera County, California. They named their black muscat dessert wine Elysium because, in their words, 'Drinking this, you can almost feel you have fallen into a rose garden and been transported to heaven.' And I must say I did. I transported myself to bed instead, thinking what an appropriate meal this had been after our first wine lecture, and about the wines I would serve with my own next dinner party."
DAY 5: "We sampled each team's handiwork, and as we were polishing off this large meal, our chef stood up to congratulate us and hand out our 'certificates of accomplishment.'"

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Tel. +255 784 799630/784 447669




2.The Workshop………..3

3.TTN Board Meeting…5

4.Closing Ceremony…..6

5.Launch of TTN &WMN.7




In order fo the Tanzania Telecentre Network to meet their vision of a democratic, knowledgeable and prosperous society, it organized a Wireless Connectivity Workshop , which tokk place in Sengerema Mwanza Tanzania on 20-26 October, 2008. The Workshop aimed at equiping technicians with konwledge to manage the wireless Networks and take part in the installation procedures of the Sengerema Wireless Mesh Network to acquire experience for implementation of wireless networks in other telecentres in Tanzania.
The workshop brought National IT-Managers from variuos telecentres and ICT related institutions like, Tanzanaia Communications Regulatory Authority, Commission for Science and Technology and The Dar es salaam Institute of Technology in Tanzania as well as leaders from the central and local government, institutions and Civil Society Organizations.
The launch and closing ceremonies of the workshop attracted a big number of members of the Sengerema community and the press. All activities took place at Sengerema Telecentre.
1.The Workshop
The Workshop started on 20th October, 2008 by introductions of the participants and the technical team followed by installation and configuration of the servers and computers to be used in the training and implementation of the Wireless Mesh Network Project in Sengerema district.

Participants from several telecentres in Tanzania and government and public institutions registered their appreciation on the advantages of Wireless networks in terms of affordability and applicability to the communities in the rural and disadvantaged areas. Training was conducted by Consultant of the workshop Mr. Sebastian Buettrich.

Training revolved on the financial implications of wired and wireless systems, operationalization, network administration, competition and sustainability of telecentres

The second day of the Wireless Connectivity Workshop started by an official opening speech delivered by Hon Elinasi Pallangyo Sengerema District Commissioner.

The Guest of Honour’s speech was preceded by an introduction about the workshop. The introduction revealed that TTN decided to host the Workshop at Sengerema telecentre so that IT-Managers From telecentres and ICTs institutions acquire experience from the Wireless Mesh Network project to be implemented during the workshop and underscored the role of Internet as an important tool in achieving success in life for the communities served by Telecentres. It revealed that success has secrets; to get hold of secrets you need keys. Internet is one of the most important tools to access the keys.

Also, IICD representative Ms. Bernadette Huizinga elaborated on the objectives of the Workshop. She made it clear that IICD is supporting this event simply because the TTN has an ideal objective of empowering telecentres so that they are able to provide affordable ICTs to the rural and disadvantaged groups

The Guest of Hounour complimented IICD for their invaluable support and TTN’s decision to host the workshop in Sengerema. He underscored the importance of ICs in meeting development objectives in this new millennium and beyond. Sited examples like, the government of Tanzania has been advised to allocate at least 1% of the budget in R&D activities which includes ICTs. Also, for the implementation of the programme for connecting the rural communities of Sengerema district to the Internet and piloting the same for other telecentres in the country

The Guest of Honour highlighted the importance of addressing language barriers and developing appropriate and sufficient content to meet needs and enable communities to access available information and encourage them to develop information data bases.

Implementation of phase I of the programme for connecting the rural areas of Sengerema District started practically on the third day (22, October, 2008) of the workshop.

As part of practical training, participants of the Workshop successfully installed Internet connections at two sites namely. The Union of Disabled Association of Tanzania Sengerema District Office and, Sengerema Non-Governmental Network-SENGONET. Both sites have very clear signals. The plan was to connect 10 sites during the Workshop.

The training was concluded in each morning and evenings of days 4, 5 and 6 by sharing experiences and challenges in the practical installations of the sites and hands-on experience. of the Wireless Mesh Network Project in Sengerema district.

The Workshop successfully connected 8 sites namely, The Union of Disabled Association of Tanzania Sengerema Non-G

13M HIMARS Training

13M HIMARS Training

Wyoming Army National Guard Soldiers train as 13Ms, a multiple launch rocket system crewmember, that will operate the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, as members of the 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery, 115th Fires Brigade, Aug. 17. The Soldiers learn the ins and outs of the up-armored vehicle, as they check the rear of the launcher, at Wyoming’s 213th Regiment, Regional Training Institute, at the Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center, in Guernsey, Wyo. All of the 2-300th’s launchers were outfitted with the increased crew protection cab, featuring additional armor. (U.S. Army Photo/Staff Sgt. Nichole Smith)

5th wheel training institute

5th wheel training institute

Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute of Life Coach Training

Personal and professional coaching, which has emerged as a powerful career in the last several years, has shifted the paradigm of how people who seek help with life transitions find a "helper" to partner with them in designing their desired future.
No matter what kind of sub-specialty a coach might have, life coaching is the basic operating system: a whole-person, client-centered approach.Here, Pat Williams, who has been a leader in the life coaching movement, has co-authored another essential book for therapists working as coaches. Becoming a Professional Life Coach draws on the wisdom of years of collective experience that have gone into designing the curriculum for the Institute for Life Coach Training. This curriculum has trained therapists and psychologists around the world to add coaching to their current businesses. This book presents the essential elements of life coach training program in a content-rich form that is equivalent to a graduate-level education in the field.

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Broken wheel studs - Wheel bearing change.

Broken Wheel Studs

broken wheel studs

    broken wheel
  • The Broken Wheel is a 1996 young-adult science fiction novel by Kerry Greenwood.

  • (stud) dot: scatter or intersperse like dots or studs; "Hills constellated with lights"

  • A large-headed piece of metal that pierces and projects from a surface, esp. for decoration

  • (stud) a man who is virile and sexually active

  • A small, simple piece of jewelry for wearing in pierced ears or nostrils

  • A fastener consisting of two buttons joined with a bar, used in formal wear to fasten a shirtfront or to fasten a collar to a shirt

  • (stud) ornament consisting of a circular rounded protuberance (as on a vault or shield or belt)

broken wheel studs - The Broken

The Broken Wheel: A Chung Kuo Novel

The Broken Wheel: A Chung Kuo Novel

Seven continents. Seven Chinese kings. A benevolent rule and a stable, sensual, high-tech society. But the T'ang overlords no longer control all three hundred levels of City Earth. Revolution is brewing. As the all-powerful Seven plot the boldest imaginable counterstrike, a plan to control the minds of all humankind, Chung Kuo speeds toward cataclysm, and the final game between East and West, between the privileged Above and the downtrodden Below--a monumental confrontation with forty billion lives in the balance. An epic that draws us into an alternative world so read that we become true denizens of the new Middle Kingdom, touched by tomorrow's longings . . . driven by forces as ancient as the first human breath.

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39/365 lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts

39/365 lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts by Bob Dylan

The festival was over, the boys were all plannin' for a fall,
The cabaret was quiet except for the drillin' in the wall.
The curfew had been lifted and the gamblin' wheel shut down,
Anyone with any sense had already left town.
He was standin' in the doorway lookin' like the Jack of Hearts.

He moved across the mirrored room, "Set it up for everyone," he said,
Then everyone commenced to do what they were doin' before he turned their heads.
Then he walked up to a stranger and he asked him with a grin,
"Could you kindly tell me, friend, what time the show begins?"
Then he moved into the corner, face down like the Jack of Hearts.

Backstage the girls were playin' five-card stud by the stairs,
Lily had two queens, she was hopin' for a third to match her pair.
Outside the streets were fillin' up, the window was open wide,
A gentle breeze was blowin', you could feel it from inside.
Lily called another bet and drew up the Jack of Hearts.

Big Jim was no one's fool, he owned the town's only diamond mine,
He made his usual entrance lookin' so dandy and so fine.
With his bodyguards and silver cane and every hair in place,
He took whatever he wanted to and he laid it all to waste.
But his bodyguards and silver cane were no match for the Jack of Hearts.

Rosemary combed her hair and took a carriage into town,
She slipped in through the side door lookin' like a queen without a crown.
She fluttered her false eyelashes and whispered in his ear,
"Sorry, darlin', that I'm late," but he didn't seem to hear.
He was starin' into space over at the Jack of Hearts.

"I know I've seen that face before," Big Jim was thinkin' to himself,
"Maybe down in Mexico or a picture up on somebody's shelf."
But then the crowd began to stamp their feet and the house lights did dim
And in the darkness of the room there was only Jim and him,
Starin' at the butterfly who just drew the Jack of Hearts.

Lily was a princess, she was fair-skinned and precious as a child,
She did whatever she had to do, she had that certain flash every time she smiled.
She'd come away from a broken home, had lots of strange affairs
With men in every walk of life which took her everywhere.
But she'd never met anyone quite like the Jack of Hearts.

The hangin' judge came in unnoticed and was being wined and dined,
The drillin' in the wall kept up but no one seemed to pay it any mind.
It was known all around that Lily had Jim's ring
And nothing would ever come between Lily and the king.
No, nothin' ever would except maybe the Jack of Hearts.

Rosemary started drinkin' hard and seein' her reflection in the knife,
She was tired of the attention, tired of playin' the role of Big Jim's wife.
She had done a lot of bad things, even once tried suicide,
Was lookin' to do just one good deed before she died.
She was gazin' to the future, riding on the Jack of Hearts.

Lily washed her face, took her dress off and buried it away.
"Has your luck run out?" she laughed at him, "Well, I guess you must
have known it would someday.
Be careful not to touch the wall, there's a brand-new coat of paint,
I'm glad to see you're still alive, you're lookin' like a saint."
Down the hallway footsteps were comin' for the Jack of Hearts.

The backstage manager was pacing all around by his chair.
"There's something funny going on," he said, "I can just feel it in the air."
He went to get the hangin' judge, but the hangin' judge was drunk,
As the leading actor hurried by in the costume of a monk.
There was no actor anywhere better than the Jack of Hearts.

Lily's arms were locked around the man that she dearly loved to touch,
She forgot all about the man she couldn't stand who hounded her so much.
"I've missed you so," she said to him, and he felt she was sincere,
But just beyond the door he felt jealousy and fear.
Just another night in the life of the Jack of Hearts.

No one knew the circumstance but they say that it happened pretty quick,
The door to the dressing room burst open and a cold revolver clicked.
And Big Jim was standin' there, ya couldn't say surprised,
Rosemary right beside him, steady in her eyes.
She was with Big Jim but she was leanin' to the Jack of Hearts.

Two doors down the boys finally made it through the wall
And cleaned out the bank safe, it's said that they got off with quite a haul.
In the darkness by the riverbed they waited on the ground
For one more member who had business back in town.
But they couldn't go no further without the Jack of Hearts.

The next day was hangin' day, the sky was overcast and black,
Big Jim lay covered up, killed by a penknife in the back.
And Rosemary on the gallows, she didn't even blink,
The hangin' judge was sober, he hadn't had a drink.
The only person on the scene missin' was the Jack of Hearts.

The cabaret was empty now, a sign said, "Closed for repair,"
Lily had already taken all of

2004 Ford Thunderbird FAB1 Thunderbirds Car

2004 Ford Thunderbird FAB1 Thunderbirds Car

From Wiki - In the live-action film Thunderbirds (2004) the car was still pink and had six wheels and a glass canopy (now tinted). The Ford Motor Company supplied the prop - a heavily modified Ford Thunderbird. Like the film it was a part of this reimagined version of FAB 1 is hated by the vast majority of the fans of the original television show.

The FAB1 appears at the 2004 Goodwood Festival of Speed.The vehicle supplied by Ford was actually fully functional (except that it couldn't fly), completely road-legal and appeared in a segment on UK motoring show Top Gear where it was road-tested by James May. He noted that it wasn't the most practical car ever conceived, mostly due to its excessive length which made it difficult to drive through small English villages.

The boot panels would open to expose the gas turbine engine before flight and wings would extend from the undercarriage. During flight, the rear set of wheels folds into the vehicle's body completely. This prevents them from creating unnecessary drag and so slowing the aircraft down.

Skis for going over heavy snow are also added to the vehicle. The bullet-proof, run-flat tires are fitted with studs in order to give extra traction.

The central passenger compartment of FAB1 doubles as an emergency life raft in the event of an emergency at sea. Buoyancy tanks hidden in the body paneling ensure that the compartment remains afloat after it has broken away from the rest of the vehicle.

broken wheel studs

broken wheel studs

Broken on the Wheel of Sex - Trade Paperback

This edition of Jack Ketchum's "Broken On The Wheel of Sex: The Jerzy Livingston Years" is the most complete edition of the "Stroup" stories ever collected together. These stories, written from 1976 to 1981, and appearing in various men's magazines and other outlets, offer Ketchum readers a look into this author's formulative years. This is where Jack Ketchum honed his writing craft that has become so well known with his novels The Girl Next Door, The Crossing, Off Season and The Lost. Collected here is his character simply known as the "Stroup" stories written under the pseudonym Jerzy Livingston, which are rare and difficult to locate almost thirty years after the original publications gave them life. "I've called these the Jerzy Livingston years because over half of them were written under that name and the rest under my real one. Somehow Jerzy seems more appropriate for this collection. My adoption of that particular pseudonym was both a joke - a play on words -and a nod to a very good writer, which I hoped some day to be." - Jack Ketchum, from the author's introduction. Also includes Afterwords for each story by the author.

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batteries for power wheels

how to remove wheel bearing hub assembly

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5th wheel plate

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Custom Spare Wheel Covers. Freezing Skateboard Wheels.

Custom Spare Wheel Covers

custom spare wheel covers

    wheel covers
  • The first Cadillac wheel covers were introduced in 1932;  it is rumored that chauffeurs and owners alike were getting tired of cleaning spoked wheels!

  • (Wheel cover) A hubcap, wheel cover or wheel trim is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers at least a central portion of the wheel. Cars with stamped steel wheels often use a full wheel cover that conceals the entire wheel.

  • A decorative metal or plastic disc that obscures a vehicles stamped steel wheels, lug nuts and/or hubs from view.

  • Established practice or usage having the force of law or right

  • accepted or habitual practice

  • custom-made: made according to the specifications of an individual

  • a specific practice of long standing

  • A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time

  • A thing that one does habitually

  • Make free or available

  • refrain from harming

  • Be frugal

  • spare part: an extra component of a machine or other apparatus

  • thin and fit; "the spare figure of a marathon runner"; "a body kept trim by exercise"

  • Give (something of which one has enough) to (someone); afford to give to



For Sale!!! 404-983-5500.
Ask for Jonathan.
Atlanta, Ga


Stolen Landrover 4th May 2010, Essex UK

Stolen Landrover 4th May 2010, Essex UK

Sorry to have to use Flickr for this, but the more people see this the better.

This is my brother's diesel Landrover Defender 90. It was stolen from outside his house near Brentwood in South Essex UK at approx 1am 4th May 2010. He was still awake and the house lights were on! We can only assume they pushed it down the road as it's not the quietest vehicle in the world!

The number plate is F133 FCC. The police have put out an alert on their ANPR cameras, but of course the plates will be changed and having very few cops out on the street anymore means that this very recognisable vehicle will not be found. We've just spent the last 90 minutes driving every lane we could find looking for it, and between us only saw two police cars, so we don't hold out much hope of PC plod actually finding it.

It is highly modified, the exhaust exits through the passenger side rear quarter panel in front of the rear wheel. Normally they exit underneath at the back.

It has a snorkel for off roading and is actually fitted with a TDI300 engine which is far too new for this age landrover.

The tyres are huge, 31 inches wide, and there is an identical spare mounted on the rear door.

The front bumper is custom made by welding two standard bumpers one in front of the other, and the winch mounts partially through the front grill.

The spot lights on the roof all contain sidelight bulbs, so at night they are lit even when the headlamps are on side or dipped.

On the top of the windscreen are two stickers
"The best 4 x 4 x far"
and "My other toy has tits" (sorry, that's my brother for you!)

On the back it has a sticker that says "90 inches of pure pleasure". It also has high level LED stop and tail lights mounted on the back of the white roof.

He's owned this landrover for many years and spent many hours and pounds modifying it. The insurance payout will not even begin to cover the value of this vehicle.
We'd hate to find it burnt out after the joyriders have finished with it, or it's been used for a ram raid.

Many of the modifications could be removed, but if you find yourself following a blue landrover with a white roof, please look for the exhaust. It should be at the back on the left... If not it would easily be this vehicle.

If you see this vehicle, please call 999 immediately. Many thanks.

Please feel free to circulate this picture.

custom spare wheel covers

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5th wheel skirting

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ingersoll rand wheel loader

bmw wheel and tire insurance

classic muscle car wheels

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Hot wheel sets : 1968 chevelle steering wheel.

Hot Wheel Sets

hot wheel sets

    wheel sets
  • (Wheel set (rail transport)) A wheelset is the wheel-axle assembly of a railroad car. The frame assembly beneath each end of a car, railcar or locomotive that holds the wheelsets is called the bogie (or truck in North America).

  • Having a high degree of heat or a high temperature

  • (of food or drink) Prepared by heating and served without cooling

  • Feeling or producing an uncomfortable sensation of heat

  • used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning; "hot stove"; "hot water"; "a hot August day"; "a hot stuffy room"; "she's hot and tired"; "a hot forehead"

  • characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense; "the fighting became hot and heavy"; "a hot engagement"; "a raging battle"; "the river became a raging torrent"

  • extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm; "a hot temper"; "a hot topic"; "a hot new book"; "a hot love affair"; "a hot argument"

hot wheel sets - Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Lightbox Design Set

Hot Wheels Lightbox Design Set

Hot Wheels Lightbox Design Set
Design dream cars for Hot Wheels with the Light Box Design Set. The lightbox makes drawing easy: simply use the sketch pages and films with the lightbox tracing table to outline car decals and logos to make them look like they are ready for speed. Use the tree-free colored pencils and instructions for tips and inspiration on how to color and shade to make each car ready for the street or racetrack. Finish off the designs with the foil stickers for extra-cool detail. This kit includes the lightbox tracing table, 40 car design sketch pages, 10 tree-free colored pencils with a pencil sharpener, 15 films, 38 stickers and instructions.
Age: 4 years and up

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Purple Merino Wool Yarn - Setting Spin

Purple Merino Wool Yarn - Setting Spin

Tonight, I'm trying to set the spin on my handspun yarn in a different way. I wound it on my PVC Niddy Noddy, and got it wet. Now, I'm just going to leave it on the niddy noddy to dry overnight.

I guess that's the good thing about having a PVC niddy noddy. You don't have to worry about it warping if it gets wet. :)

Hot Wheels Play Set

Hot Wheels Play Set

This is the one toy that Athan really wanted. He saw it in a catalog in October. It's a Hot Wheels Haunted House Play Set. Have to admit, it is pretty cool.

hot wheel sets

hot wheel sets

7 Piece Safari Animal Print Automotive Interior Gift Set - 4 Universal Fit Carpet Floor Mats, Universal Fit Steering Wheel Cover, and 2 Seat Belt Shoulder Pads - Hot Pink Zebra

You know how to make hot pink look cool. Drive in style with this set of 4 universal fit floor mats, 1 universal fit steering wheel cover, and 2 velcro-closure seat belt covers.

The floor mats will fit most any car. The front mats are 26 x 17 inches and the rear mats are 13 x 17 inches.

These soft carpet floor mats will protect your floor from dirt, debris, and spills. The patterned polyester fabric has a texture imitating short fur making the enjoyable to touch. Made with an anti-fade dye process, the mats will keep their vibrant colors for a long time. The durable floor mats have a core of sturdy rubber and a full nipped PVC backing which prevents slipping and sliding.

When these mats capture dirt or spills that would otherwise soil your car's flooring, they can be easily removed for vacuuming or deep cleaning with soap and water. Add some colorful whimsy to your car while protecting its carpet from wear and tear.

Beneath wheel cover's vibrant exterior is insulation that resists extreme temperatures. In the hottest summers and coldest winters, the wheel cover will protect your hands from freezing and burning. The cover is fully lined with PVC to not slip or slide. To install, warm the wheel cover with a hair dryer or in your car on a hot day then slip it over your steering wheel.

With this set of 2 shoulder pads, you will feel the relief of a more comfortable drive, especially during hard turns, stops, and other emergency maneuvers. The foam padding distributes the tension of the belt, resulting in less pressure in one spot. Pads can also be used on other shoulder straps to make laptop cases, gym bags, and heavy lage easier to carry.

Whether you are buying this auto interior set for yourself, a friend or family member, or your favorite safari print enthusiast, these soft zebra fabric auto accessories will add customization to the car's interior and comfort to driving.

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Kawasaki Adventure 4x4 Power Wheels - Haldane Spinning Wheel.

Kawasaki Adventure 4x4 Power Wheels

kawasaki adventure 4x4 power wheels

    power wheels
  • Power Wheels is a brand of battery-powered ride-on toy cars for kids ages 12 months to seven years old.

  • (Power wheel) A built in mechanical device to recover a portion of the power consumed by a constant speed centrifugal compressor when operating at reduced capacity or reduced pressure rise, or both. (060)

  • a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)

  • venture: put at risk; "I will stake my good reputation for this"

  • An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

  • gamble: take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome; "When you buy these stocks you are gambling"

  • Daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm

  • A commercial speculation

  • Kawasaki is a surname of Japanese origin.

  • claims a 20 percent increase in cooling efficiency.

  • An industrial city in eastern Japan, on the southeastern coast of the island of Honshu; pop. 1,174,000

  • 4?4 FOUR BY FOUR is Casiopea's sixth studio album, released in 1982. Lee Ritenour, Harvey Mason, Nathan East, and Don Grusin participated in the recording of this album.

  • Atraccion x4 is a 2008-2009 Argentine telenovela. It was broadcast on Canal 13. It replaced Patito Feo on Canal 13, in 7 pm. It was directed by Marcelo Tinelli, and produced by Ideas del Sur

  • Four-wheel drive, 4WD, or 4x4 ("four by four") is a four-wheeled vehicle with a drivetrain that allows all four wheels to receive torque from the engine simultaneously.



The fabulous adventures of Arianna.
we got lost in the bush, torch in hand, thanks to my noble steed Arianna.
The temper trap- 'Fader'
"And I pledge my self allegiance"



life is adventure. its always fun to take risks. hehe



for the coming days. ill posting some sexy glamour shots, i hope its okay to all of you.

kawasaki adventure 4x4 power wheels

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Hot Wheels Real Riders

hot wheels real riders

    hot wheels
  • Hot Wheels is a brand of die cast toy car, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco.

  • Hot Wheels is a thirty minute Saturday morning animated television series broadcast on ABC from 1969 to 1971, under the primary sponsorship of Mattel Toys.

  • Hot Wheels is a Hardy Boys novel.

  • (ride) drive: a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile); "he took the family for a drive in his new car"

  • An addition or amendment to a document, esp. a piece of legislation

  • (ride) be carried or travel on or in a vehicle; "I ride to work in a bus"; "He rides the subway downtown every day"

  • A person who is riding or who can ride something, esp. a horse, bicycle, motorcycle, or snowboard

  • A condition or proviso added to something already said or decreed

  • (ride) a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement

  • being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory; "real objects"; "real people; not ghosts"; "a film based on real life"; "a real illness"; "real humility"; "Life is real! Life is earnest!"- Longfellow

  • real number: any rational or irrational number

  • Relating to something as it is, not merely as it may be described or distinguished

  • very: used as intensifiers; `real' is sometimes used informally for `really'; `rattling' is informal; "she was very gifted"; "he played very well"; "a really enjoyable evening"; "I'm real sorry about it"; "a rattling good yarn"

  • Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed

  • Used to emphasize the significance or seriousness of a situation or circumstance

hot wheels real riders - Riders



From the queen of the British bestseller lists comes the classic hit every Englishwoman remembers with a sigh -- Riders, the steamy, scandalous tale of sexual and equestrian competition within the heroic world of international show jumping.
Welcome to a world of cutthroat competition populated by fearless athletes, wealthy sponsors, and beautiful starlets and set against the glorious Cotswold countryside and the playgrounds of the world. Within this arena we meet the brooding gypsy Jake Lovell, under whose magic hands the most difficult horse or woman becomes biddable, who is driven by his hatred of Rupert Campbell-Black, the handsome and supremely confident star of the show ring. They steal each other's horses and love each other's women as they push themselves and their mounts to impossible extremes, until their feud erupts, with devastating consequences, at the Los Angeles Olympics.

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I "quit" collecting Hot Wheels years ago and have only acquired a couple thousand since then. Oops. Anyways, somewhere along the line I decided to never buy a Hot Wheels that wasn't the basic $.97 variety. Who could pass up this on though? I think it was $3.49 or something. A bargain really. It even has Real Riders! (real rubber tires with tread). Plus a metal base like all Hot Wheels used to have.

Hot Wheels Real Riders Series-gold (2008)

Hot Wheels Real Riders Series-gold (2008)

Issued as #1 of 6 in the series. Features a deep Spectraflame gold paint job with a red, yellow and white version of the Hot Wheels logo on the sides. Produced with Redline Real Rider tires.

hot wheels real riders

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hot wheels stunt world

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Measuring wheels for sale : 3 wheel scooter toddler.

Measuring Wheels For Sale

measuring wheels for sale

    measuring wheels
  • (measuring wheel (n)) A piece of field equipment designed to measure distances; generally composed of a small wheel and calibrated meter mounted on the end of a handle

    for sale
  • purchasable: available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale"

  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.

measuring wheels for sale - Stanley 33-835

Stanley 33-835 35-Foot Powerlock Tape Rule

Stanley 33-835 35-Foot Powerlock Tape Rule

POWERLOCK TAPE RULE *1" wide x 35' long *Stud markings every 16 inches and 19.2 inches on center *Graduated in 1/16ths *Mylar protected blade *3 rivet blade hook *Belt clip on back of case

The Stanley 35-Foot Powerlock Tape Rule provides positive blade lock without creeping while taking measurements. A special Tru-Zero hook does double-duty as a pivot for drawing circles and arcs, and a three-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook moves for accurate inside and outside measurements. The tape blade measures 35-foot-by-1-inch with a 7-foot tape standout.

See the full line of Stanley tape rules.
To simplify framing jobs, the bright yellow, easy-to-read blade has 16-inch and 19.2-inch stud center markings. This chrome-plated metal tape rule comes with Stanley's limited lifetime warranty.
About Stanley Powerlock Tape Systems
With a classic design and updated features that add durability and performance, the PowerLock line of tape measures is the perfect balance between classic Stanley design and the best innovations in tool manufacture.

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Hofmann U.S.A. Web Site

Hofmann U.S.A. Web Site

The home page of Hofmann U.S.A.’s web site. Hofmann specializes in Automotive Wheel Service Equipment and is a brand that is sold by Snap-on Equipment. The site they had up before this one was in poor condition, poorly coded and did not provide the functionality Snap-on Equipment wanted from their sites. Content was very outdated, and the poor coding made it hard to maintain.

I created this web site to help Hofmann share news with their customers and employees, and bring their product offerings to the World Wide Web. All pages are W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. There is a basic search engine, interactive navigation and a “Find a U.S. Sales Rep” page. Brochures can be downloaded from the web site on the product page, and customers can also find accessories and part numbers for their equipment. There is a Documentation page for locating brochures and operators manuals, and a Contact Us form that validates to make sure all required fields have been entered so that customers can get assistance quickly. The form also has several security measures in place to prevent someone from hacking it. Any page that has a brochure on it also has a “Get Adobe Reader” button on it to help those who do not have it. Future plans are to add movies showcasing Hofmann’s products.

The London eye

The London eye

Pictures of the London eye.
A Ferris wheel (or, more commonly in the UK, big wheel) is a nonbuilding structure consisting of an upright wheel with passenger gondolas suspended from the rim.

Ferris wheels are a common type of amusement park ride and may also be found at many urban parks and public places around the world.
The London Eye, in London, England, measuring 135 meters high is the world's largest. Sky Dream Fukuoka in Fukuoka, Japan, at 112 meters in diameter and 120 meters (394 feet) from ground to top, is the largest Ferris wheel in Asia. At 65 meters (212 feet), The Texas Star at Fair Park is the largest ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere, excluding the London Eye. The wheel opened in 1985 and has a maximum capacity of 260 persons.

measuring wheels for sale

measuring wheels for sale

Trademark Digital Measuring Wheel

Trademark 10,000 - foot / 10,000 - meter Digital Measuring Wheel... the best way to measure large areas without the hassle of measuring tape! Get fast, accurate results for all your measurement estimates. Great for landscaping, fencing or remodeling, this Digital Measuring Wheel uses a digital LCD display counter to provide accurate measurements in both feet and meters. Very lightweight and easy to use, it also features an aluminum handle that extends to 34 1/4" long for added comfort and collapses for simple storage. Durable 5 5/8" rubber wheel with PVC rim will keep on rollin' for many projects to come! Order yours today! Trademark Digital Measuring Wheel

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Repair Alloy Wheel

repair alloy wheel

    alloy wheel
  • Alloy wheels (incorrectly known as rims) are automobile (car, motorcycle and truck) wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium (or sometimes a mixture of both). They are typically lighter for the same strength and provide better heat conduction and improved cosmetic appearance.

  • (Alloy Wheels) A term used to describe any non-steel road wheel. The most common alloy wheels are cast aluminum. Technically, an alloy is a mixture of two or more metals. These wheels are known for their light weight and strength.

  • Car wheels made of aluminium, rather than steel. Main advantages include lighter weight and attractive styling. Mostly chosen for style reasons.

  • Make good (such damage) by fixing or repairing it

  • a formal way of referring to the condition of something; "the building was in good repair"

  • Put right (a damaged relationship or unwelcome situation)

  • Fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or a fault)

  • the act of putting something in working order again

  • restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken; "She repaired her TV set"; "Repair my shoes please"

repair alloy wheel - Alloy USA

Alloy USA 11310 Wheel Adapter Kit

Alloy USA 11310 Wheel Adapter Kit

Alloy USA Wheel Adapter Pair 5 on 4.5 to 5 on 5.5 Bolt Pattern 1.25 Inch Thick RED For 1987-06 Jeep Wrangler And 1984-01 Cherokee *** Moves your wheels out to help fit wider tires-creates extra stability. *** Hub centric design to assure wheel balance. *** Constructed of durable 6061T6 aluminum for long life, extra strength and corrosion resistance. *** Available in 1.25" to 1.5" widths for today's most popular wheel sizes. *** Each pair includes pre-installed grade 8 wheel studs and 10 lug nuts. *** Wheel adapters convert current OE bolt patterns to alternate bolt patterns for use with aftermarket wheels. *** Wheel Spacers and Wheel Adapters are sold in pairs. *** Three year manufacturer's warranty.

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Wheen Repair Training Last Week

Wheen Repair Training Last Week

Here is Andy teaching three students wheel repair in our three day repair class.

Wheel Repair Machine

Wheel Repair Machine

Donny putting finishing touches on alloy wheel repair machine

repair alloy wheel

repair alloy wheel

Michigan Wheel 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller, 9-1/4 dia x 12 pitch

Michigan Wheel props are designed for trouble-free service and easy repairability. By using only the finest grade alloys, Michigan Wheel aluminum props are stronger than most original equipment props. The rubber hub bonded inside every Michigan Wheel prop helps protect expensive shafts, motors, and gear boxes from damage caused by the prop's impact with an object. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. 9-1/4 dia x 12 pitch. Michigan part number: 012030. Applications: Evinrude Johnson/ OMC Seadrive 25 HP ('78-'84), 25c HP Spline Drive ('78-'91), 28 HP ('86 thru).

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Power wheels batmobile - Hot wheels track for sale - Eagle sport metal core scooter wheels.

Power Wheels Batmobile

power wheels batmobile

    power wheels
  • Power Wheels is a brand of battery-powered ride-on toy cars for kids ages 12 months to seven years old.

  • (Power wheel) A built in mechanical device to recover a portion of the power consumed by a constant speed centrifugal compressor when operating at reduced capacity or reduced pressure rise, or both. (060)

  • (Batmobiling) Putting up an emotional shield just as a relationship enters that intimate, vulnerable stage. Refers to the retractable armor covering the Batmobile.

  • The Batmobile is the automobile of DC Comics superhero Batman. The car has evolved along with the character from comic books to television and films.

  • Batmobile is a Dutch psychobilly band from Rotterdam and Breda that had its start in 1983. They are one of the best selling acts in psychobilly and they are the only psychobilly band that is still active in their original line up.

1966 batman car

1966 batman car

turbines to speed..

1966 Batmobile from the show with adam west speeds onto your computer monitor!
The Batmobile from the 1966–1968 live action television show and its film adaptation began life as a Ford concept car called the Lincoln Futura, built over a decade earlier in 1954. The body of the Futura was fabricated by Ghia of Italy, whose artisans hammered the car's panels over logs and tree stumps carved as forms to create the sleek manta ray-like car. In 1959, the Futura was featured sporting a fresh red paint job in the film It Started With A Kiss, starring Debbie Reynolds and Glenn Ford. In 1965, ABC-TV chose famed Hollywood customizer George Barris to design a "Batmobile" for their soon-to-go-into-production Batman show. Dean Jeffries worked on the design and initial fabrication for the Batmobile, using a 1959 Cadillac, but when the studio wanted the car faster than he could provide, he turned it back to George Barris. With only three weeks to finish, Barris decided that rather than build a car from scratch, it would be best to transform the Lincoln Futura (bought from Ford for $1.00[citation needed]) into the famous crimefighting vehicle of TV's caped crusader. Barris hired Bill Cushenberry to do the metal modifications to the car. When filming for the series began, several problems arose due to the age of the car: it overheated, the battery went dead, and the expensive Mickey Thompson tires kept blowing. By mid season, the engine and transmission were replaced with a Ford Galaxie's. The most frequent visual influence of this car is that later Batmobiles usually have a rear rocket thruster that usually fires as the car makes a fast start.This Batmobile's gadgets include a nose-mounted chain slicer, lasers, rockets, an on-board telephone, radar, dash monitor, on-board computer, and police beacon. If needed, the Batmobile is capable of a quick 180° "bat-turn" thanks to two rear-mounted 10' parachutes, and it is equipped with a smoke emitter and a nail spreader to discourage pursuit. Some changes were made during the run of the series, including different license plates, a change in steering wheel, and the addition of extra gadgets such as the rear-facing camera and battering ram. Other devices included:
* Bat-glove Compartment
* Infrared Bat-dust (glows in light and in dark, but only visible when viewed through the Batmobile's specially tinted windshield)
* Emergency Bat-turn Lever (releases the Batmobile's parachute that enables quick turns)
* Bat-deflector (diverts a criminal tracking signal, leading them to a miniature Batcave in the middle of nowhere)
* Bat-ray (can do many things, such as open van doors)
* Super-powered Bat-magnet (for opening steel doors from a distance)
* Odor Sensitometer Radar Circuit (puts a certain scent on the radar screen)
* Ultrasonic Recorder (also records regular sounds)
* Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service Signal (calls aforementioned service to pick the Batmobile's parachute off the city street)
* Emergency Bat-trunk Lock
* Bat-zooka (can fire explosive blasts, or is used to fire bat-ropes to tops of very tall buildings)
* Anti Mechanical Bat-ray (renders mechanical apparati useless)
* Bat-tering Ram (also known as the Bat-ram, used for knocking down reinforced doors)
* Library Paste Bat-dissolving Switch
* Bat-safety Belt
* Bat-radarscope
* Bat-alert Buzzer (in all Bruce's cars, indicates when the Batphone in the Batcave is ringing)
* Bat-scope (television screen that can be used to monitor someone's movements)
* Anti-theft Activator (can be disguised as the Start button, fires fireworks from the car)
* Anti-fire Activator (fills Batmobile with extinguishing foam)
* Bat-ray Projector (fires blue ray from headlights that shut down a car's ignition)
* Hidden Bat-laser Beam
* Homing Receiver Scope
* Inflatable Batmobile (kept in Batmobile for use as a decoy)
* Anti-crime Recorder (with remote radio pick-up, kept in trunk)
* Ultrasonic bat-ray (used for flushing villains out of hiding places)
* High Energy Radar (for probing large, potentially dangerous objects)
* Anti-theft Device (to prevent undesirables from stealing Batmobile)
* Bat Armor (protects Batmobile from explosives; unfortunately leaves tires unprotected
* Automatic Tire Repair Device (automatically repairs Batmobile's damaged tires)
* Bat-o-meter (for tracking radioactive material within a 50-mile (80 km) radius)
* Tiny TV Transmitter (sends TV signal from Batmobile to Batcave)
* Emergency Bat-turn Lever (for making 360 degree turns when at full stop)
* Super-speed Afterburner (when engaged, the Batmobile goes very fast)
* Bat-smoke (pressing this button releases a smokescreen)
* Remote Control Batmobile Circuit (should a villain steal the Batmobile, Batman can control it by starting this circuit via a relay link in the Batcave)
* Bat-scope (basically a TV which picks up the local stations)
* Bat-photoscope (works in conjunction with the Microfilm Crime File back in the Batcave. Throug

BATMAN : Batmobile 1966

BATMAN : Batmobile 1966

The one way to get Batman off the streets of Gotham City that no villain thought of:

Demand that a police officer look at Batman's driving license.

If Batman didn't end up in jail for not having one, it would certainly limit his mobility to the Bat-Skateboard.

And if that didn't work, the villains could always call the Environmental Protection Agency and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
"Atomic Batteries To Power..."?
Geez, the Batmobile is a WMD on wheels...

power wheels batmobile

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Micro wheel balancer : Southwest wheel san antonio

Micro Wheel Balancer

micro wheel balancer

  • an acrobat who balances himself in difficult positions

  • Balancer are a hybrid breed of beef cattle, a combination of Gelbvieh and Angus. These cattle are bred for their hybrid vigour, resulting in a higher growth rate and better quality meat.

  • halter: either of the rudimentary hind wings of dipterous insects; used for maintaining equilibrium during flight

  • See also Micro Cars

  • Micro Cars is a automobile company based in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka, Founded in 1995. This was established by automobile engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perara. Their first introduction was "Micro Privilege" which had 1000cc gasoline engine with inline 4 cylinders.

  • Small-scale

  • extremely small in scale or scope or capability

  • Extremely small

  • change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine

  • a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground

  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events

  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering

micro wheel balancer - Banker To

Banker To The Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty

Banker To The Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty

Muhammad Yunus is that rare thing: a bona fide visionary. His dream is the total eradication of poverty from the world. In 1983, against the advice of banking and government officials, Yunus established Grameen, a bank devoted to providing the poorest of Bangladesh with minuscule loans. Grameen Bank, based on the belief that credit is a basic human right, not the privilege of a fortunate few, now provides over 2.5 billion dollars of micro-loans to more than two million families in rural Bangladesh. Ninety-four percent of Yunus's clients are women, and repayment rates are near 100 percent. Around the world, micro-lending programs inspired by Grameen are blossoming, with more than three hundred programs established in the United States alone.

Banker to the Poor is Muhammad Yunus's memoir of how he decided to change his life in order to help the world's poor. In it he traces the intellectual and spiritual journey that led him to fundamentally rethink the economic relationship between rich and poor, and the challenges he and his colleagues faced in founding Grameen. He also provides wise, hopeful guidance for anyone who would like to join him in "putting homelessness and destitution in a museum so that one day our children will visit it and ask how we could have allowed such a terrible thing to go on for so long." The definitive history of micro-credit direct from the man that conceived of it, Banker to the Poor is necessary and inspirational reading for anyone interested in economics, public policy, philanthropy, social history, and business.

Muhammad Yunus was born in Bangladesh and earned his Ph.D. in economics in the United States at Vanderbilt University, where he was deeply influenced by the civil rights movement. He still lives in Bangladesh, and travels widely around the world on behalf of Grameen Bank and the concept of micro-credit.

It began with a simple $27 loan. After witnessing the cycle of poverty that kept many poor women enslaved to high-interest loan sharks in Bangladesh, Dr. Muhammad Yunus lent money to 42 women so they could purchase bamboo to make and sell stools. In a short time, the women were able to repay the loans while continuing to support themselves and their families. With that initial eye-opening success, the seeds of the Grameen Bank, and the concept of microcredit, were planted.
After earning a Ph.D. in economics at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Yunus returned to Bangladesh to settle into a life as a professor. But a famine in 1974 ravaged the country, leading Dr. Yunus to alter his thinking and his life profoundly: "What good were all my complex theories when people were dying of starvation on the sidewalks and porches across from my lecture hall?.... Nothing in the economic theories I taught reflected the life around me." Armed with little more than a lofty dream to end the suffering around him, he started an experimental microcredit enterprise in 1977; by 1983 the Grameen Bank was officially formed.
The idea behind the Grameen Bank is ingeniously simple: extend credit to poor people and they will help themselves. This concept strikes at the root of poverty by specifically targeting the poorest of the poor, providing small loans (usually less than $300) to those unable to obtain credit from traditional banks. At Grameen, loans are administered to groups of five people, with only two receiving their money up front. As soon as these two make a few regular payments, loans are gradually extended to the rest of the group. In this way, the program builds a sense of community as well as individual self-reliance. Most of the Grameen Bank's loans are to women, and since its inception, there has been an astonishing loan repayment rate of over 98 percent.
Banker to the Poor is an inspiring memoir of the birth of microcredit, written in a conversational tone that makes it both moving and enjoyable to read. The Grameen Bank is now a $2.5 billion banking enterprise in Bangladesh, while the microcredit model has spread to over 50 countries worldwide, from the U.S. to Papua New Guinea, Norway to Nepal. Ever optimistic, Yunus travels the globe spreading the belief that poverty can be eliminated: "...the poor, once economically empowered, are the most determined fighters in the battle to solve the population problem; end illiteracy; and live healthier, better lives. When policy makers finally realize that the poor are their partners, rather than bystanders or enemies, we will progress much faster that we do today." Dr. Yunus's efforts prove that hope is a global currency. --Shawn Carkonen

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micro Santa Claus

micro Santa Claus

Micro Santa Claus
Limewood, stained, impregnated and waxed
Dimension: 9 x 4 x 2,5 cm

Micro MGA

Micro MGA

Micro Models G-32 MGA. These never had a windsreen.

micro wheel balancer

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Steel Custom Wheels : Spider 3 Wheel Motorcycle.

Steel Custom Wheels

steel custom wheels

    custom wheels
  • (Custom wheel) The term custom wheel refers to the wheels of a vehicle which have either been modified from the vehicle manufacturer's standard or have replaced the manufacturer's standard.

  • (Custom wheel) A special wheel with attractive styling, usually alloy, available as an aftermarket accessory, designed to make a car look more sporty

  • Mentally prepare (oneself) to do or face something difficult

  • get ready for something difficult or unpleasant

  • an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range

  • cover, plate, or edge with steel

Nick.m 2

Nick.m 2

"Fabulous frame, highly communicative and very comfortable.
I bought this compact frame from Chas in? the summer (09) who built it up with Ultegra transmission, Campag Ergo and a range of simple alloy components seleted by him.

A major change was to swop over the steel 531 forks for carbon as a? slightly longer steerer was required.

It has just completed Lands End to Joh O'Groats, covering 992 miles in 10 days and 54000 ft of elevation. It felt more surefooted by the day, and lively on descents.

A year on, I've completed lots of sportives? on the Roberts Sportif, and a longer ride from Lowestoft to Dingle Way, 2 coast to coasts in a? week.

1" Carbon forks, Mavic SSC brakes, Ksyrium SL wheels, Easton and Pro Vibe contact points build up into a bike that tops out around 8kg and I really felt it this year, making light work of 20 percent hills in Pembrokeshire and around the Killarney hills.
Super-stable descents, even on very patchy tarmac top surfaces at 40 mph.

Above all, v. comfortable."

with wheels

with wheels

Sorry about the overload of photos of this thing.. I'm pretty psyched about it. More frames like this, I'm sure. I feel like seeing it with the wheels puts it in perspective a little.

Arleigh's going to race it this summer at SSWC.

steel custom wheels

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Sunnybrook Fifth Wheels

sunnybrook fifth wheels

    fifth wheels
  • An extra wheel for a four-wheeled vehicle

  • A superfluous person or thing

  • (fifth wheel) an extra car wheel and tire for a four-wheel vehicle

  • A coupling between a trailer and a vehicle used for towing

  • (fifth wheel) someone or something that is unwanted and unneeded

  • (fifth wheel) a steering bearing that enables the front axle of a horse-drawn wagon to rotate

Octavian Vasilescu

Octavian Vasilescu

Bought 2009 Big Dog toy hauler from Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City.

sunnybrook fifth wheels

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car wheel bolt pattern chart

billet wheels for snowmobiles

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Wagon Wheel Ranch Texas

wagon wheel ranch texas

    wagon wheel
  • Wagon Wheels are a snack food in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland which have a marshmallow centre and are covered in a chocolate flavoured coating. They are produced and distributed by Burton's Foods.

  • "Wagon Wheel" is a song originally sketched by Bob Dylan and later completed by Old Crow Medicine Show. Thom Jurek, , Allmusic

  • a wheel of a wagon

  • A single-story, sometimes split-level, house, typically with a low-pitched roof

  • farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)

  • manage or run a ranch; "Her husband is ranching in Arizona"

  • A large farm, esp. in the western US and Canada, where cattle or other animals are bred and raised

  • A ranch is an area of landscape, including various structures, given primarily to the practice of ranching, the practice of raising grazing livestock such as cattle or sheep for meat or wool.

  • James A. Michener's Texas (also called Texas) is a 1994 made for TV movie directed by Richard Lang and starring Stacy Keach, Benjamin Bratt, Rick Schroder, Patrick Duffy and many other actors.

  • Texas is the first full-length album by PlayRadioPlay!.

  • A state in the southern US, on the border with Mexico, with a coastline on the Gulf of Mexico; pop. 20,851,820; capital, Austin; statehood, Dec. 29, 1845 (28). The area was part of Mexico until 1836, when it declared independence, became a republic, and began to work for admittance to the US as a state

  • the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico

wagon wheel ranch texas - Ranches of

Ranches of the American West

Ranches of the American West

The American ranch embodies a rich architectural tradition that has been passed down through generations of ranchers. This book presents twenty-five of the most spectacular Western ranches, including important historical structures and those designed for today’s newest ranch owners. With three hundred newly commissioned color photographs of ranches in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Texas, the book will appeal to ranch dwellers as well as homeowners inspired by this rustic and romantic architectural style. The original ranches included property for livestock and structures that were built to withstand the natural forces of a harsh climate. Today, as in the past, life in the West means long winters and a need for shelter that encloses and protects. House designs and rooflines mimic the forms of the surrounding foothills and mountains, and today’s ranches often feature reclaimed materials—rubble, abandoned artifacts, cut stone, and forged iron—put to new use. Materials, often cut by hand, are basic and echo those used in past: logs, shingles and shakes, branches, fieldstones, sandstones, and flagstones. The prevalence of renowned architects and interior designers working in the West, as well as an increasing number of celebrity owners, demonstrate that ranch living is popular and on the rise.

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Alleyton, C.S.A.

Alleyton, C.S.A.

Born as war clouds gathered. Alleyton was a key point on the supply line of the Confederate states of America during the Civil War. It was both beginning and end of the cotton road leading to the Confederacy's back door on the Rio Grande River.
By 1860 the Buffalo Bayou Brazos and Colorado Railroad extended from Harrisburg, near Houston to Alleyton. as a railhead. Alleyton became the site of an important cotton station and quartermaster depot during the war.
Cotton came here from north and east Texas. From Louisiana, and from Arkansas on the Rails of the B.B.B.&C. and via wagon roads from Alleyton the South's most precious trading commodity was carried to a point on the Colorado River across from Columbus. It was then ferried across for the start of a long, tortuous journey to the Rio Grande. The bales of cotton were hauled on big-bedded wagons and high-wheeled Mexican carts, pulled by mules horses or oxen.
The cotton road led to Goliad, San Patricio, the King Ranch and finally to Brownsville. The cotton was taken across the river to Matamoros, Mexico and subsequently placed on board ships bound for Europe as the only major gap in the Federal navy blockade of the Confederacy. Neutral Matamoros was the place of exchange for outgoing cotton and imported munitions, clothing and medicine.
When federal forces took Vicksburg in 1863 the Mississippi River was sealed off and the Confederacy divided. the Texas-Mexico trade routes then became the Souths major military supply lines in the Trans-Mississippi west.
Alleyton was a main destination of the wagon trains returning from the Rio Grande. Rifles, swords, shirts, pants, alum, arrowroot and other items needed by soldier and civilian in the harried Confederacy were unloaded here for new destinations.

Wagon Repair

Wagon Repair

A fake building at Enchanted Springs Ranch- part of the facade. I rather liked the worn wood, and the strong shadow the wheel cast on the wood. I waited a bit for the sun to move a bit so that the shadow was fully contained within the facade.

This was part of my exploration of shapes, lines, textures, lighting and shadows.

wagon wheel ranch texas

wagon wheel ranch texas

Petticoat Ranch (Lassoed in Texas)

Sophie Edwards is doing just fine alone, until a strange-yet oddly familiar-man rides into her life, insisting on rescuing her and her four daughters. Can she find a way to love a headstrong mountain man? When Clay McClellan discovers his brother has been murdered, he's bent on finding the killers and seeing them properly hung. But first his Christian duty demands that he marry his sister-in-law. After all, Sophie needs someone to protect her - right? Faith and love help unruly wed newlyweds find common ground and a chance at love on the Texas frontier.

Sophie Edwards is doing just fine alone, until a strange-yet oddly familiar-man rides into her life, insisting on rescuing her and her four daughters. Can she find a way to love a headstrong mountain man? When Clay McClellan discovers his brother has been murdered, he's bent on finding the killers and seeing them properly hung. But first his Christian duty demands that he marry his sister-in-law. After all, Sophie needs someone to protect her - right? Faith and love help unruly wed newlyweds find common ground and a chance at love on the Texas frontier.

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Volution Racing Wheels

volution racing wheels

    racing wheels
  • (Racing wheel) A racing wheel is the preferred method of control for use in driving simulators. They are usually packaged with a large paddle styled as a steering wheel, along with a set of pedals for gas, brake, and sometimes clutch actuation, as well as various shifter controls.

  • (voluted) coiling: in the shape of a coil

  • A single turn of a spiral or coil

  • a rolling or revolving motion

  • A rolling or revolving motion

  • Any complete turn in a spirally wound gastropod shell.

volution racing wheels - Telecommunications and

Telecommunications and IT Convergence. Towards Service E-volution: 7th International Conference on Intelligence in Services and Networks, IS&N 2000, ... (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Telecommunications and IT Convergence. Towards Service E-volution: 7th International Conference on Intelligence in Services and Networks, IS&N 2000, ... (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligence and Services in Networks, IS&N 2000, held in Athens, Greece, in February 2000. The 23 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers are organized in sections on electronic commerce, communications efficiency through management and control, architectures for multimedia communications, service creation techniques for software development and deployment, agent-based management, virtual home environments, and integrated and scalable solutions for telecommunications management.

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HOLGA is the ultimate concert photographer's equalizer. As with any professional photography there is a lot of cock and swagger going on, a bit of, "Whose got the biggest lens...?" especially down in the pit, but when shooting with the snub-nosed HOLGA, expect to get looks that sest more than just banal stock topics over afterdinner drinks with vague allusions to Hello Kitty anal beads and dildos as swizzle sticks. That's right, with HOLGA you can move beyond the quotidian latent faggocy of testosterone-driven lens-envy and into the eternal, the asexual, the plasticine, into HONG KONG manufactured light itself.

Bouftou Dance i-volution

Bouftou Dance i-volution

L'ecran de presentation du concours de danse le plus loufoque : le Bouftou Dance i-volution.


volution racing wheels

volution racing wheels

Nouvelle Internationale no 9; Révolution, internationalisme et socialisme : la derničre année de Malcolm X (French Edition)

Malcolm X avait depuis longtemps ete un adversaire intransigeant de l’oppression, de l’exploitation et de la degradation imperialistes. Pendant la derniere annee de sa vie, il est devenu un energique adversaire du capitalisme. Il etait devenu un champion de la revolution socialiste a Cuba et de sa direction proletarienne internationaliste. Il a acclame le gouvernement revolutionnaire en Algerie mene par Ahmed Ben Bella. Il faisait la promotion du journal The Militant. Suivant la logique de ses convictions et decouvertes, Malcolm n’a pas flanche quand cette trajectoire impliquait de jeter par-dessus bord des notions preconcues dans lesquelles il avait cru pendant une bonne partie de sa vie adulte.
Comprendre la derniere annees de Malcolm X, c’est voir comment a l’epoque imperialiste une direction revolutionnaire du plus haut niveau de capacite, de courage et d’integrite politiques converge avec le communisme. Cette verite prend un poids encore plus grand aujourd’hui alors que l’expansion violente du capitalisme mondial precipite des milliards de personnes a travers le monde dans la lutte de classe moderne, de la Chine au Bresil.
Aussi dans ce numero
L’heritage antiouvrier des Clinton : les racines de la crise financiere mondiale de 2008
L’intendance de la nature incombe aussi a la classe ouvriere
Retablir la verite sur le fascisme et la deuxieme guerre mondiale
Introduction par Steve Clark, photos, appel de note, index.
Aussi disponible en :A English,A Spanish, Swedish

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White mag wheels : Louet spinning wheel : 5th wheel auctions.

White Mag Wheels

white mag wheels

    mag wheels
  • A motor-vehicle wheel made from lightweight magnesium steel, typically having a pattern of holes or spokes around the hub

  • Alloy wheels (incorrectly known as rims) are automobile (car, motorcycle and truck) wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium (or sometimes a mixture of both). They are typically lighter for the same strength and provide better heat conduction and improved cosmetic appearance.

  • (mag wheel) Lightweight, sporty wheels made of magnesium. The term mag is often applied to aluminum and aluminum and steel combination wheels. Also see alloy wheels.

  • Some high-performance automobiles have wheels made of cast magnesium, commonly known as "mag wheels" for short.

  • Paint or turn (something) white

  • being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light; "as white as fresh snow"; "a bride's white dress"

  • whiten: turn white; "This detergent will whiten your laundry"

  • a member of the Caucasoid race

white mag wheels - 8-diopter Fluorescent

8-diopter Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp - Easy-adjust Arm

8-diopter Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp - Easy-adjust Arm

The perfect companion at your desk, table or work bench for almost any detail task. 5000 hr-life fluorescent bulb produces light spectrum similar to natural daylight without heat or glare of incandescent and halogen fixtures - at a fraction of the energy usage. When you need a closer look of your project, flip up the dust cover on the precision-ground glass lens. Large 5" diameter allows for a full, natural view; 8-diopter magnification has practical 3-5" focal length (object distance from lens) while keeping your face a comfortable distance away. This makes it a great choice as a reading aid, for use with photographs collectibles or detail inspection of arts crafts and electronics. Sturdy clamp base preserves your work space, takes up just a couple inches surface area and has full 360-degree swivel fits desk or table tops to 2" thickness. UL-listed.

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January 6th, 2010 - 06/365

January 6th, 2010 - 06/365

Such a classic girl.

Today I got my certificate for completing my carpentry trade. 3 years and I am still uncertain as to what I want to do with it. Oh well.

Other things, I have acquired this baby, and she is a baby. She is a Mercedes 280 SE converted into a ute. I can not explain how awesome it is, suicide red interior, original "mag wheels", dual exhaust, a steering wheel the size of a family size pizza and my favorite.... drum roll... COLUMN SHIFT AUTOMATIC.

I am telling you, to drive it, it is like cruising the QE2 Down the Thames River... You absolutely forget what year it is, it is pure sex.

I wanted to steer away from doing a Black and White shot, but when I converted it over... she just glowed.

I plan to use this for a few David Lynchesque style shots, because you should see the back window...

Anyways... have an awesome 6th of January! I am off to farewell a friend back to San Fran.

Such a classic girl.

1959 Corvette

1959 Corvette

This is one I'm really proud of. The top image came off the internet. The bottom image is my Photoshop magic. The background is a picture I shot up towards Idaho City several years back. The images blended together so well I was amazed! I made the top white, tried making it look weathered and old. I removed one of the rear reflectors under the tail light on the passenger side. Bent the front passenger wheel more. And then I broke the taillight and removed the license plate.

white mag wheels

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