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Super Cheap Hotel Rates

super cheap hotel rates

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Day One Hundred Seventy Three

Day One Hundred Seventy Three

"Gei Jien Sin?!?!?" - How much first?!

Good bye Hong Kong but see you again soon.

What's nice about Hong Kong I found out from this trip are:-
1. Hotel rooms are super small.
2. Air con water drips everywhere outdoor. Be extra careful standing outside.
3. Camera gadget are super cheap. It's like it's almost free!
4. Back in the hotel fire alarm happily ringing at 2.30am in the morning and the whole Wan Chai firemen downstairs ready with their water cannon - turns out to be a fake. The alarm, not the water cannon.
5. Food here are over rated. Home food are the best!
6. Dim sum here are over rated.
7. Dessert are just about nice here.
8. Those pretty girls you find in TVB series..well they are in the series and not walking under the hot sun for you to notice. Hence can't see any!

Always ask how much it cost for anything in Hongkong even though the price tag is huge enough!

Rio Sign

Rio Sign

The Rio All-Suite Hotel's dazzly swirly sign. A photo doesn't capture the crazy flash-bulb effect going off about every 15 seconds.

I do recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Vegas. The room rate was super cheap and the room itself was huge and clean. We got so many coupons we couldn't even make a dent in them. Plus, if you stay there, you get half-price tickets to Penn & Teller - which was our incentive.

And even if you aren't staying at The Rio, starve yourself for a day and eat at their buffet - it's the largest in Las Vegas, which is really saying something. I saw a guy eating two platters of crab legs and said to myself, That guy's living in the moment!

super cheap hotel rates

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