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The Opera Hotel Rome - Hotel Collection Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

The Opera Hotel Rome

the opera hotel rome

    hotel rome
  • (formerly Treasure Island): Hotel Rome is the park's signature hotel. It features Greco-Roman themed decor through the resort including rooms. Hotel Rome is located on-site with the park and connected via skywalk to the indoor waterpark.

  • a building where musical dramas are performed

  • a drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral overture and interludes

  • A building for the performance of opera

  • Such works as a genre of classical music

  • a commercial browser

  • A dramatic work in one or more acts, set to music for singers and instrumentalists

Margaret Rung

Margaret Rung

French postcard by Editions P.I., Paris, no. 846, offered by Les Carboplanes Kores Carboplane. Photo: Sam Levin.

Beautiful blond Danish showgirl Margaret Rung (ca. 1932) appeared in supporting and small parts in French films of the late 1950’s. Her main claim to fame was dating former King Farouk of Egypt, shortly after his separation from Queen Narriman in 1953.

On 17 March 1953, Danish dancer Margarethe Rung Jorgenson revealed to the press in Rome, that she was the ‘mysterious blonde’ who had been dating former King Farouk of Egypt since his separation from ex-Queen Narriman. This gossip news caused international headlines and photos of the beautiful blonde were sent by radio all over the world. A subscript of a United Press Telephoto described her as a ’22-year-old chorus girl’. American newspaper The Amsterdam Evening Recorder used a wirephoto by AP and described her as a ‘19-year-old dancer’ from Copenhagen. For the photographers she had posed in a tight black sweater. She had told newsmen that she had met Farouk at 12 March, the same night Narriman had taken off for Switzerland. Since then Farouk and Margarethe had been out ‘two or three times’. At the time Rung lived in a room in a small hotel in Rome, which she shared with her sister. This breaking news probably finished the affair but it lead to a break in films for Rung. She was billed as Margarethe Rung when she was cast in the French drama Si tous les gars du monde/If All the Guys in the World... (1956, Christian-Jacque) with Jean Gaven. It must have been her first film. She played a Polish air hostess who cooperates with a German, an American, the Russian Air Force, and a Danish plane to get medicine to a fisher boat on the North Sea of which the whole crew is ill by food poisoning. The film title refers to a poem by Paul Fort that says that if all the men and women in the world would hold hands, happiness would be for tomorrow. The postcard is probably made at the same time, because at the flipside she is credited as Margareth Rung. In 1956 she also appeared in the crime film L'homme et l'enfant/Man and Child (1956, Raoul Andre) starring Eddie Constantine and Juliette Greco. That year she also had a small part in Club de femmes/Club of Women (1956, Ralph Habib) with Nicole Courcel and Dany Carrel.

In 1957, Margaret Rung appeared in four more films. She played a supporting part as one of the beautiful girls around special agent Henri Vidal in Action immediate/To Catch a Spy (1957, Maurice Labro) based on a thriller by Frederic Dard. Next she was seen as an English woman in the French-Italian coproduction Les aventures d'Arsene Lupin/The Adventures of Arsene Lupin (1957, Jacques Becker) with Robert Lamoureux as the famous French literary icon, gentleman-thief Arsene Lupin. In Roger Vadim’s Sait-on jamais.../No Sun in Venice (1957, Roger Vadim), she played a small part as a Venetian countess. Star of the film is Francoise Arnoul as an amoral French girl, who lives in a sumptuous Venetian palazzo as the kept woman of a very rich but undesirable ex-Nazi. Vadim probably did not see the potential of a new Brigitte Bardot in Rung, while her next film was also her last. Escapade (1957, Ralph Habib) was an adventure film based on a novel by Cornell Woolrich. Star of the film was Louis Jourdan, and Rung played a supporting part as a young woman. After two years and seven films Margaret Rung’s career in the French cinema was over. We could not find more biographical information about her. Former King Farouk divorced his Queen Narriman in 1954. While living in exile in Italy, Farouk met opera singer Irma Capece Minutolo, who became his companion. In 2005, she claimed that she married the former King in 1957.

Sources: David Henry (Flickr), The Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Wikipedia and IMDb.

Hotel de Rome

Hotel de Rome

Come discover Germany’s capitol city in style. The Hotel de Rome in Berlin, brought to you by the Tommaso Ziffer, the same designer as the effortlessly chic Hotel de Russie in Rome, combines classic architectural design with contemporary accents. Ideally situated on Bebelplatz, off Unter den Linden, this hotel provides guests with the perfect opportunity to explore all the cultural and fashionable hotspots of Berlin.
Hotel de Rome boasts expansive and luxurious accommodations with 146 large bedrooms including a wide selection of classic and deluxe rooms, executive suites, deluxe suites and one incredibly spacious presidential suite with its own private terrace. Ziffer masterfully weaves in German architectural touches such as glass and steel, resulting in a modern and distinctly “Berlin” atmosphere.
In addition to the fantastic dining options in Berlin, Hotel de Rome offers delectable Mediterranean cuisine at its in-house restaurant, Parioli. During summer months, al fresco dining on the spacious terrace is especially lovely. For afternoon tea, stop by the Opera Court and enjoy the grandiose, old-world ambiance.
Guests find excellent options for fitness and well-being here at the Hotel de Rome. From the state of the art Techno-Gym training area to the relaxing indoor pool to the Finnish sauna and aromatherapy treatments, the stresses of the modern city are quickly forgotten.

the opera hotel rome

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