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Monarch Pool Equipment. Safety Equipment India

Monarch Pool Equipment

monarch pool equipment

monarch pool equipment - Monarch and

Monarch and Milkweed

Monarch and Milkweed

One of nature's most perfect relationships
Every spring the monarch butterfly migrates thousands of miles in search of the ideal milkweed plant. When she finds it, she lays her eggs on the plant, so when each egg hatches, the baby caterpillar can feed on the milkweed leaves. The milkweed plant then provides the perfect protection as the caterpillar turns into one of nature's wonders, a chrysalis, before transforming into an even greater wonder: a monarch butterfly. And once the newborn butterfly soars away, the milkweed seeds fly away on the wind and start this cycle over again.
The exacting prose and jewel-toned illustrations echo the harmony of monarch and milkweed in this carefully researched book, explaining one of nature's most spectacular displays in a refreshingly simple manner.

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Monarch's Cave cliff dwellings

Monarch's Cave cliff dwellings

You can approach the Monarch Cave ruins from either side of the canyon. I chose to visit the ruins in a counter clockwise manner, heading first up to my right to the approach from the north.

The hike to Monarch's Cave ruins, is a short, easy, shaded, beautiful hike just a half mile north of the Procession Panel hike on Comb Ridge, from the Butler Wash side.

The dwellings have been damaged but the the pictographs (the only petroglyphs I saw, were oddly enough on the floor of the cave ledge), were in good shape. The setting is the hallmark of this place with a deep cenote pool of water under the cliff ledge below the ruins.

It is not difficult to imagine the voices of early Native Americans echoing off the surrounding canyon walls and the rythmic grinding of corn with pestle and mortar be conducted as a community activity.

Though the shortest and easiest hike I would take, it was one of the most rewarding. I was the only person visiting the site this afternoon, so I could sit, ponder, enjoy, and relax with no distractions.

I took the counter clockwise circular route through the ruins that requires a quick short traverse of a narrow ledge. I smiled, when I saw that the ancients thought about exposure cowards like me, and had pecked in a line of deep comforting "footsteps" to place my feet as I crossed the short narrow ledge section. Nice work guys!

The pictographs were on the walls and on the ceilings of the site and red hematite hand prints were predominate. The hand pictographs had "non-painted" holes in the palm, much like the hand pictographs my wife and I had seen along the San Rafael Swell (Dragon and Petroglyph canyon hikes), a month earlier.

As you enter the ruins from the north along the short narrow ledge, you pass through what appears to be an "entry gate", which only allows one person to pass through to the cave at once. On the wall on the right as you pass into the ruins area through this gate opening, scratched on the wall you will see:

Monarch's Cave - 1892. I.A.E. is carved in the same hand right above this. This is the work of an "odd" Easterner's expedition that were the first to visit many sites in the Comb Ridge area for the first time. It was the Illustrated Exploring Expedition of 1892. I had not heard of it before, but when I saw the inscription I couldn't wait to get back home and start reading up about it (part of the fun of a road trip).With the intials IAE, they must have called themselves the Illustrated Archaelogical Expedition or some such (i.e. Illustrated American Expedition).

So the name for Monarch's Cave ruins goes back at least as far as 1892. Members of that expedition concluded that the buildings in this cave were built as a defensive fortification with the walls, holes for firing arrows to anybody approaching from below and the rounded rim wall structures to give a complete view and "arrow coverage" to the canyon floor below.

Whatever the history, this a very rewarding hike and one not to be rushed to be enjoyed. I was fortunate to visit this place when the globemallows were in full blossom..

May 12th through May 19th - - I traveled 9 states in 8 days, camping, driving back roads, visiting scenic and historic sites, and taking some great day hikes. These are some of the photographs from this solo "road trip".

Day One: Home in Eastern Washington; Mountain Home, Idaho; Owyhee, Nevada and a very cold night camped at Wild Horse Crossing south of Mountain City, Nevada.

Day two: NEVADA - - Mountain City; Elko; Wells; Ely (through a snow storm); Panaca. UTAH - - Enterprise, Veyo, to a warm and scenic enjoyable camp and hiking at Snow Canyon.

Day three: UTAH - - Snow Canyon; St. George; Hurricane; to Fredonia, Arizona. Forest Service Road #22 and many others to places like Monument Point and Indian Hollow. Too cold to camp (got down to 19 degrees that night), so dropped down low to BLM wilderness land off 89 A and spent the night among sagebrush and juniper with curious mule deer as "neighbors".

Day four: Opening day of the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Visited the park and arriving early had many places (Cape Royal), entirely to myself. ARIZONA: Vermillion Cliffs; Page; Kaibito; and Navajo National Monument and Betatakin, where I had my nicest camp site (Canyon View at Betatakin).

Day five: Betatakin camp to Kayenta; Monument Valley to drive the 17 mile "loop road" through the monument; to Mexican Hat to recharge my camera battery (Canon G10) while eating Navajo stew and fry bread at a cafe along the San Juan River; to Comb Ridge where I took two short enjoyable "rock art and cliff dwelling" hikes (procession panel and Monarch Cave ruins; up to Blanding, Utah where I checked into a small motel for two nights.

Day six: Get up early and hike a bit over 14 miles down Kane Gulch; down Grand Gulch to Todie Canyon, with many side excursion

1948 Monarch Coupe

1948 Monarch Coupe

Monarchs came in five models...two and four-door sedan that also had suicide doors at the rear...Club Coupe...Convertible and a Woody 4 door wagon

The 4 door was the most popular

monarch pool equipment

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