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Spring flower printables. Ivory flower headband

Spring Flower Printables

spring flower printables

    spring flower
  • (spring-flowering) of plants that bloom during the spring

Grunge Flowers - Free Scrapbook paper to Print

Grunge Flowers - Free Scrapbook paper to Print


My originally-designed "Grunge Flowers" make a beautiful and colorful addition to any Spring or Summer-themed album. Though the paper looks worn, the bright and whimsical flowers make this printable scrapbook paper perfect for child and adult pages alike.

This page would look really great with a touch of ink around the edges, or some Stickles glitter in the flower centers.



Ever the economist, I have taken to designing my own scrapbook paper. Being a full-time graphic designer helps this process :)

As I come up with ideas, I am offering some of my creations for FREE!

Please feel free to print and use my backgrounds for your scrapbook.

If you use this background for your designs online, please give me credit at:


Make a Wish - 110/366

Make a Wish - 110/366

It finally really feels like spring - it's warm and the sun is shining and there's flowers all over the place. I stole this dandelion from a person on my block and started shooting around the street with different backgrounds. My macro lens doesnt have autofocus, so it was difficult to adjust my settings, hold the dandelion steady and keep it focused. But, I really like the colors and sharpness this one.

Reached as high as 70 on Flickr's 500 most interesting for April 19, 2008.

spring flower printables

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