5 lug truck wheels. 2005 laredo 5th wheel. My steering wheel shakes at high speeds.

5 Lug Truck Wheels

5 lug truck wheels

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Father & son trucks

Father & son trucks

Here are the trucks that we had. Dad's is the all red one with the 265 V-8 motor in the back. We took the motor and trans out of a 1955 Chevrolet. It also gave up the differential so it could be an open drive line. When you looked under the hood you would of thought it was done by the factory. Front wheels changed to 5 lugs so all rims matched. Mine is the other one with the stock 6 motor. Wish I'd kept it.



Toyota truck 8" rear axle. The flange has been re-drilled for 4 x 100 mm bolt pattern, and I welded up the old 5-lug pattern. I already have about eighty 4 x 100 wheels, no need to start getting new ones!

5 lug truck wheels

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