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Honey pine table. Dining room table for 12.

Honey Pine Table

honey pine table

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honey pine table - Stork Craft

Stork Craft Lennox Changing Table with Drawer, Honey Pine

Stork Craft Lennox Changing Table with Drawer, Honey Pine

With its simple, clean lines, the Storkcraft Lennox Changing Table with Drawer is designed to complement any nursery. Two roomy shelves provide extra storage space to keep your nursery tidy and organized, while a handy drawer provides a safe place for changing supplies. This changing table carries the JPMA seal of approval and meets or exceeds all Consumer Products Safety Commission safety regulations. Crafted from durable wood and available in a variety of finishes, including honey pine, cognac, and oak.The mission of Storkcraft is to provide families with the safest, most reliable products for children. At Storkcraft our commitment to innovation and state-of-the-art technology has positioned us as the industry benchmark for superior product quality. For 60 years Storkcraft has exceeded the expectations of our customers and shareholders. Unprecedented growth and success has made Storkcraft one of the largest kids' products suppliers in the world. Storkcraft has emerged not only as a world leader but also as a company that generously supports communities, while practicing social and environmental responsibility. The secret to the company's century of success has been the unwavering loyalty, dedication, and professionalism of our valued employees. They create quality products at affordable prices.Order today for quick home delivery! Infant changing table with ample storage. Durable wood construction. Variety of finish options. Protective side rails. 2 storage shelves and drawer. Changing pad included. JPMA-certified. Exceeds American Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Dimensions: 25W x 37D x 38H inches.

87% (7)

40x40 Tall Table

40x40 Tall Table

Brazilian rustic pine table with a medium honey stain and stone star center insert. Each chair has a curved back, Texas star carved on the back and leather seat cushions.

Honey Table Step 1

Honey Table Step 1

I salvaged this table from a dumpster. It's really sturdy, made with solid pine. The table surface has lots of dents, so the first step is to sand it down.

honey pine table

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