End table glass top - Kitchen table decoration.

End Table Glass Top

end table glass top

    table glass
  • This glass is produced by pouring molten glass onto a metal table and frequently rolling it with a large metal cylinder, which imprinted whatever pattern was inscribed on it, onto/into the glass. The glass thus produced is heavily textured by the reaction of the glass with the cold metal.

  • Table-glass or granyonyi stakan (3@0=Q=K9 AB0:0=, literally faceted glass) or granchak (3@0=G0:, derived from 3@0=L, meaning facet) is a type of drinkware made from especially hard and thick glass and having a faceted form.

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Glass Top End Table

Glass Top End Table

15" x 24" x 28" tall. Bronze finish with 1/4" glass top.

End Tables

End Tables

Two end tables with beveled glass tops. $50. Call evenings 309-786-2511.

end table glass top

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